Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Paige's hip dysplasia {Part 10} - 18 months on

Hi guys!  It's been a little while since I've posted on here so just wanted to leave a little update on Paige's hip dysplasia progress.

December 2017 
In May 2016 Paige had her first surgery for hip dysplasia, 18 months on and we had an appointment booked at the hospital for an x-ray and follow up meeting with the surgeons to check on Paige's hip progress.  I was a nervous anxious wreck the day of the appointment, even though my gut feeling was everything was progressing well, just heading to the hospital again brought back so many memories, and also that unforgettable feeling of guilt that Paige's hip dysplasia went undiagnosed for so long in the first place.  Paige and I stopped for lunch on the way for yummy vegan goodies and so I could distract myself :)

Lunch stop on the way to the hospital

We got to the hospital and went for the X-ray, Paige climbed up on the table and had the X-ray like a champ, after all she's had quite a few of them by now!  The X-ray technician (thanks google for giving me the proper term!) gave Paige some stickers and told her how good she was, which Paige loved!

Then we headed back downstairs to the Orthopaedic Fracture clinic where we waited to be seen by the surgeon.  We waited here for aaaaaaaaages which only made me more and more nervous - why were they taking so long?  Were they needing extra time to analyse the X-rays and ask other specialists what they thought?  Just come in already and let me know!!

Waiting for the surgeon

After what felt like forever (which was really only about 15-20 minutes) Dr Nicole Williams came in and sat down, she was her usual happy and cheerful self which instantly lightened my nerves.  She checked over Paige's hip movements and watched her walk around and climb up a few stairs, and was happy with everything she saw and had checked.  Then she brought up the X-rays on the light box and went through them with me, she said she was very happy with the progress and said everything is best case scenario for our little Paigey.  I was so relieved and almost cried happy tears!

Here's the X-ray comparison for anyone interested!

Current X-ray (Dec 2017) on the left vs. when Paige was first diagnosed on the right (May 2016)

    • May 2016 - The X-ray on the right is when Paige was first diagnosed with hip dysplasia - the left hip (which is on the right hand side on the X-ray) shows the hip socket hasn't formed properly and the femoral head isn't in the socket it's just floating around there, hence the hip is out of joint.
    • December 2017 - the femoral head is staying in place in the socket and the socket itself has continued to form around the femoral head, ensuring the hip stays in joint.  The chances of it coming out of joint are very minimal now, YAHOO!

    The verdict - Paige's hip is looking great and the best they could have hoped for given such a late diagnosis.  The next checkup is not for 2 years, yep thats right TWO WHOLE YEARS!  We could not be happier with this result and are always so grateful that we had such an incredible team working with Paige to get her hip back on track :)

    As for this little blog I'm going to try and post a bit more regularly again, I'm not too sure what it'll be about but that's what I enjoy about writing on here, I can write whatever I want and whenever I want!  So keep an eye out for future posts and thanks for following along on this little journey!

    Donna :)