Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hip dysplasia - one year on...

This time last year our little family was going through one of our toughest challenges to date.  Paige had just undergone hip surgery for her hip dysplasia and we were bunkered down at home for several months while she was in a spica cast and healing.  I was in a cloud of feeling like that period of time would never end, Paige wasn't sleeping well and the days and nights were one big blur.  We did our best to cope day to day but it was a huge challenge that I don't actually feel words could ever describe. 

We've come a long way since then so I just wanted to do a little post comparing where we were last year to where we are at this year, in the hopes of helping show others who are on the hip dysplasia journey that there slight at the end of the tunnel and the hard days are all worth it in the end :)

May 2016

  • surgeries and hospital stays
  • endless crafts, movies and activities at home
  • hardly leaving the house, any outings needing the pram or bike
  • bath once a week
  • sleepless nights turning into sleep deprivation

Surgeries and hospital stays
Surgeries and hospital stays
Outings in the pram
Endless crafts & activities at home
Endless crafts & activities at home

Endless crafts & activities at home
Walks in the bike

May 2017

  • kindy days
  • bike riding
  • swimming lessons
  • running, jumping and playing 
  • play dates and getting out socialising again

Leaf angels

Walking, yay!

Play dates


Bike rides

Outdoor adventures

Hip dysplasia is a rough journey but it is worth it in the end to see Paige running around with the spark back in her eye!

I've also previously written about 10 things I've learnt since having a child with hip dysplasia which might be useful for anyone else going through this journey :)