Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 9} - the all clear!!

After wearing the rhino brace only at night time for 4 weeks, it was time for Paige to go completely brace free, and she was SO excited to go to bed and not have to wear it!  Paige slept so much better as she was finally able to roll over and get comfortable in the middle of the night, and could get up to take herself to the toilet instead of needing us to help her.  The first couple of nights she woke up several times as she dropped her teddy Porridge and forgot she wasn't wearing the brace and could get up to get it herself!

Walking the day after the rhino brace came off

Paige had been walking around a fair bit after having her brace off during the days, but each morning she kind of had to start again as with wearing the brace at night time her legs and hips were held out so it took a while for her joints to warm up each morning.  Paige's walking improved quickly though - at first she would walk around bent over and with both hands on her knees, then she walked bent down with her arms by her side, and over time straightened her back up whilst walking.  Her left foot pointed outwards a fair bit but over time it has turned back in and now she's walking almost as normal again!

After 2 weeks of Paige wearing no brace at all we had another X-ray and check up appointment at the hospital.  Although Paige was continuing to improve each day I was so nervous and anxious about this appointment as I just wanted the X-ray to show good results and for us to know that the worst of hip dysplasia was behind us.  Our appointment was at 9:45am and we didn't get seen till almost midday, it was a very anxious wait but we were given great news!  Paige's hip is still in joint, her pelvis has healed perfectly from the pelvic osteotomy (where they cut through the pelvis) and she has great movement in her joints, all great signs and the best possible outcome for what she has been through and such a late diagnosis.  I was so relieved to hear all those things I burst out crying with happiness, even after our appointment when we were walking back through the hospital I was still crying, everyone around me probably through we had just received some bad news!  We spent the afternoon at home as I was so exhausted, all the nerves and the anxious wait for X-ray results had really taken it out of me and I didn’t realise just how much I was worried about it until we got the all clear!  I had a glass of wine with dinner to celebrate, I could’ve easily had more but until the kids are sleeping well I don’t want to risk getting up through the night after a few drinks ;)

It has been so nice to get back to “normal” living, the simple things I took for granted before are now magic for me to see!  Things like; 
  • Paige being able to play dress ups and run around playing with Jalen at home
  • Paige being able to climb up onto the bar stool for breakfast, taking herself to the toilet and getting herself dressed
  • see Paige sleeping in bed on her side all curled up
  • being able to get the kids out the car and walk into the shops without needing a pram/bike/trolley
  • not getting weird looks
  • just being able to cuddle Paige and have her curl up in my arms

There’s been so many things I’ve learnt through Paige’s journey with hip dysplasia which I’ll detail in a post to come, but we are all so overjoyed and happy that this is finally behind us and we can keep moving forward!  YAY!

Playing at the park

Bike ride and picnic lunch

Loving being able to play on the playground again!

Dress ups - standing up! YAY!

Grocery shopping

Our little ballerina

Playing dress ups with cousin Ebony