Sunday, 24 July 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 6} - surgery #2

It had rolled around - it was time for Paige's second surgery to treat her hip dysplasia.  The first surgery was for an open reduction, salter osteotomy and spica cast applied.  The second surgery was a straightforward procedure of removing "femoral K wires" that were holding her hip joint in place whilst it healed after the first surgery.  Even after knowing the process of going into surgery and what it would be like seeing Paige go under anaesthetic I was so incredibly nervous. We were booked in on the afternoon surgery list, having to check in to DOSA around 11am and the surgery would take place anywhere from 1pm - 4pm, and Paige wasn't able to have anything to eat from 6am, and nothing to drink after 11am.  My Mum was having Jalen for a couple of nights and Brad's Mum came with Paige, Brad and I to the hospital.  We arrived early and checked in, sat down at the crafts table and Brad's Mum did crafts with Paige for a while.  

We saw a few different people over the hours while we waited;

  • a nurse to check Paige's weight, height and blood pressure
  • an office clerk to give Paige a wrist band, confirm the procedure Paige was about to have and for us to sign and give consent for it to occur, and to advise that we would probably have to stay overnight
  • another nurse who asked us a bazillion questions about Paige's current health, our living arrangements etc etc, and to give us a hospital gown we would have to put Paige in
  • an anaesthetist to go over what he would do, and we asked him if he could give Paige the pre-med as last time before anaesthetic she got really anxious and nervous and the pre-med helped calm her down, he advised she could have it
  • a surgeon who placed a mark on Paige's left thigh to indicate the hip to be operated on

We were told that Paige was the first patient on the afternoon list and that she would go in at 1pm, we were stoked to hear that as Paige was starting say she was hungry and asking for food so we were glad we didn't have to hold her out for much longer!  Brad's Mum was doing an excellent job of distracting Paige with a hedgehog hand puppet she had brought from home (one of Paige's favourite!) and playing games on the iPad with her.  I was so glad she was there to distract Paige as I was so nervous I don't think I could have done it!

Granny doing a great job keeping Paige distracted

Right after Paige was given the pre med

Not long after 12pm we put the hospital gown on Paige using the hedgehog as a distraction and it worked a treat!  Around 12:30pm the nurse came around and gave Paige the pre-med and some panadol, it didn't take effect as quickly as it did last time, but she was much calmer this time so that's probably why.  The nurses said they had a bed for Paige and Brad carried her over and lay her down on the bed.  The nurse attached a heart rate monitor to her toe and Paige was delirious and half laughing saying "that's my toe", the pre-med had definitely taken effect!  They wheeled Paige around to the waiting room for theatre and I was given scrubs and a hat to put on, Paige smiled up at me and said "you look like Elsa Mummy" :)  The surgeon came by and confirmed with Brad and I the surgery Paige was about to have, and then it was time to go in, Brad said see you later to Paige and I walked alongside the bed as she was wheeled to operating theatre 6.  I stopped in the holding bay for the theatre but then the theatre doors opened and they asked me to go through with Paige - I was so nervous!  Last time Paige was put under anaesthetic in the holding bay and I didn't see the theatre room, but this time she was to be put under on the operating table! Eeeeeek!!  I remained as calm as I could and the bed was wheeled next to the operating table, I helped the nurse move Paige from the bed to the operating table and then the bed was taken away.  There were nurses/surgeons setting up things in one corner (I didn't look too much as I didn't want to see what they were setting up!), and in another corner I could see Paige's X-ray on the light box, I hadn't seen any X-rays after Paige's surgery so I caught a quick glance - I could see 2 pins crossed over in the shape of an "X" and this is what was going to be removed in the procedure.  The anaesthetist picked up the gas mask and put some raspberry lip smacker around the edge of it, telling Paige that he chose a special one for her to smell, as soon as she heard that she said "I want to smell Mummy" so he put the mask over her mouth and she was smiling as she smelt it.  The nurse switched on the gas and in about a minute Paige closed her eyes and drifted off.  I gave her lots of kisses on her forehead and then a volunteer escorted me out the operating theatre and back to where Brad was, by the time I got back to him I was fully crying and needed a big hug.  He was worried something was wrong but I assured him everything went well and Paige was such a good girl!  We went back to get Brad's Mum and were told where Paige would go after the surgery.  We went to the ward and checked the bed spot she would go to, put down our things and then went to the cafe to get some lunch and much needed coffee!  

I messaged some family and friends to let them know Paige was in theatre.  We had lunch, coffee and biscuits and chatted away while we waited.  We went for a walk down to the gift shop and got Paige a kinder surprise egg and some shopkins.  At this point it had been around 1.5 hours and we were expecting the surgery to be around 1 hour.  We went back upstairs and waited in the corridor outside recovery as I wanted to be there as soon as they called, I was expecting to get a call when Paige was in recovery again as last time I had to go in to her and help calm her down before she could leave recovery and go to the ward.  I hadn't had a call yet, it was 3pm and I was starting to worry a little bit.  We went back to the ward on the chance that Paige was already there, but she wasn't.  I asked the nurse if she had any progress on Paige and she said that she was on her way to the ward now.  We walked but out the doors and down the corridor as I wanted to get to Paige as soon as I could.  In the distance I could see a bed being wheeled towards me but I didn't have my glasses on so couldn't make out who was in the bed.  I heard Paige crying and in that instant I knew it was her on that bed and I just ran as fast as I could to get to her, I stroked her hand and spoke to her, assuring her that I was there and everything would be ok.  She was really grizzly and whinging but was in much better condition than after the first surgery so I was so relieved! 

Right after surgery (3:15pm)
We settled in to the ward just after 3pm, the nurses came around and asked how Paige was doing and if we thought she needed any pain meds, she was still coming out of anaesthetic and was going "ow owwwww" so I knew she was in pain, she never made those sounds otherwise.  The nurse gave Paige a dose of oxycodone and in around half an hour Paige had perked right up.  Granny had brought Paige some special cupcakes and as soon as Paige knew that she wanted them straight away!  I sat the hospital bed up and Paige sat up and ate 2 cupcakes straight away, we were all so happy as after the first surgery Paige didn't eat for ages, and didn't seem herself for a good 1-2 days afterwards.  The recovery so far from this surgery was great!  

Eating cupcakes (4:30pm)

We were told it was up to us if we wanted to stay overnight or go home but we would need an X-ray done first, so I asked the nurses to schedule the X-ray for that afternoon as they closed at 5pm and we wanted to get it done before then otherwise we would have to wait until morning.  Paige got wheeled downstairs around 4:45pm to get the X-ray done, Paige didn't have to move from her bed and they just slid a mat underneath her to get the X-ray picture they needed.  

In the elevator on the way to go get an X-ray 

It was around 6pm and Brad and I decided that we would all head home, Paige was doing really well with her pain management and we thought she would get a much better rest at home in bed instead of at the hospital with everything else going on all night.  We were just waiting on the doctor to come around and let us know the results of Paige's X-ray and give us the all clear to head home.  A doctor never made it around to see us but the nurse said she had spoken to them and they were happy with the X-ray results and we were ok to go home, yippee!!  We were given Paige's discharge papers and then we walked on out of there!  We stopped at McDonalds on the way home as we promised Paige a hash brown on the way home and she wouldn't let us forget that!

Leaving the hospital - a bit sore and tired

Settled in at home in bed

Around 8:30pm we were home and Paige was settled in our bed, we decided Paige would sleep in our bed for the first few nights after surgery and that Brad and I would take it in turns sleeping in our bed with her and the other one of us sleeping in her bed.  That way at least one of us would get a good sleep!  We were all so glad to be home and to see Paige with a smile on her face, such a little trooper after all she had been through in one day!

The first night at home went relatively well, Paige woke every 2 hours or so, needing a cuddle, comfort, reassurance and some panadol and nurofen as needed (we gave both, alternating every 2 hours).  The second night she woke every 3-4 hours, again for cuddles and panadol, and by the third night she woke only a couple times.  We were all so happy with how well Paige had recovered from the second surgery and how well she has been sleeping!  Now the countdown is on until the rhino brace is removed for good!