Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 5} - spica cast off, rhino brace on

Almost 7 weeks after the initial surgery and spica cast being on it was finally cast off day!!  We had been counting down the days for so long, and the morning was here, we were all so excited!  My MIL looked after Jalen for us so Brad and I could take Paige in together to get her cast removed without having to worry about keeping Jalen occupied or him getting into everything!  I had read on a hip dysplasia support group page on Facebook that it would be a good idea to give Paige panadol before the cast was removed to help with any aches or sensitivity that she might have afterwards, but we were on the way there and I had forgot to bring it!  Lucky we were running a tad early so had time for a quick stop off at the chemist to pick some up!

Cast off day!!

Heading in to our appt

We walked in and only waited a few minutes before being directed to a room which had 4 beds in it, there was already a child in one and we were allocated another bed, they weren't quite ready to take the cast off yet so Paige sat on my lap and played the iPad while we waited for the physio to come in. A lady came over and started taking off the tape around the edges of the cast (the saw used to cut the cast won't go through the tape) so I popped Paige onto the bed and helped her take the tape off.  Paige was a bit nervous but I reassured her everything was ok and that it was exciting as the cast was finally coming off!!  The lady got the saw and started cutting in down the side of the cast and then the physio came in, we asked her what the results of the MRI scan were as we wanted to make 100% sure they were happy with Paige's progress before they took the cast off, the ladies looked at each other and seemed a bit confused so we asked them to stop cutting the cast off and if they could confirm the MRI results first as we were uncomfortable with not knowing for sure.  It seemed they were a bit unsure what they were doing themselves!  So they stopped cutting the cast and then the physio went off to go find Paige's MRI results.  We waited probably 10-15 minutes and the physio returned saying the doctors were happy with the MRI results and to keep removing the cast and once it was removed the doctor would come by to check on Paige's hip and let us know if she would need to wear a rhino brace or not.

Waiting for the physio

Getting the cast off

Cast removal

After the cast was removed the lady then removed the waterproof bandage that was covering where the wound was from Paige's surgery.  It was like a giant bandaid and it was stuck on there pretty good so she used a cotton bud with something on it to help remove the sticky residue without hurting Paige.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the scar, it had healed really well so far.  Although it was quite long, I was so happy with how it had healed.  There were also 3 other little scars, like little dots, and they had also healed well.
After the cast and bandage were removed we were given a bucket with hot soapy water and a sponge so we could give Paige a bit of a wash over all the skin that had been covered in the cast for 7 weeks.  The skin was a little red but I was happy with the overall condition of her skin, I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Under her knee on her left leg was the only really bad part - it was all red and looked sunburnt under the knee joint from being stuck in the same position in the cast for so long.  It was really sensitive to the touch so I had to be so careful when wiping it down with the sponge.  After the "bath" we put dressed Paige, it was such a novelty to see her wearing pants again!!  Funny how those little things can bring so much excitement!  I brought along her favourite "magic cat pants" to mark the occasion :)


Dr Morris then came by and had a quick look over Paige, said he had seen the MRI results and his recommendation was Paige wear a rhino cruiser brace for full time for 8 weeks, taking it off only for the toilet and to have a bath.  After 8 weeks they would do an x-ray and then reassess how long she would need to wear the brace for after that, hopefully decreasing it to wearing it only at night time.  The physio came back with a couple of different sizes of the rhino brace and helped fit Paige with the right size for her.  We were shown how to put it on, and then we were free to go!  We had planned on going out for lunch or for a walk around the shops but Paige was a bit sore and sensitive after the cast coming off so we went home and had a relax instead.  We gave Paige a lollipop for being such a brave girl with the saw and the cast removal and she was stoked with that!

Leaving the hospital

Lollipop treat for being such a good girl!