Thursday, 30 June 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 4} - at home with a spica cast

I've detailed our first week at home with a spica cast on, but this post is just a very brief summary of our weeks at home with the spica cast on.  It was all a bit hectic so I didn't take too many notes down, so I've just listed a few little dot points for each week :)

Paige with her spica cast on

Week 1 (16/5 - 22/5)
Details about our first week at home with a spica cast can be found here - Part 3 of Paige’s hip journey

Week 2 (23/5 - 29/5)
  • Paige starts sleeping for a few hours in a row which is a massive improvement, hopefully she keeps it up and we can all start feeling a bit more normal again!
  • Took both kids out on my own for the first time to meet a friend and her kids for coffee and a catch up.  We went to a shopping centre, I put Paige in the bike and Jalen walked along side me.
  • Naps are starting to become more of a routine now, for around 1-1.5 hours in the arvo
  • Her attention span is getting longer, she will sit and do crafts/painting etc for quite a while now, and she really gets into it and enjoys it
  • “I can’t go outside (backyard) coz I’ve got my plastic pants on and I can’t walk, it’s a bit tricky” Paige talking to Jalen when he was going outside and asked if she wanted to go with him.
  • We have a date scheduled for the cast to come off which is only 4 days before her birthday so now Paige keeps saying “Mummy when it’s my birthday I can take my plastic pants off”
  • Take the kids out for a walk in their bikes on a sunny day, Paige loves getting out and about and getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Week 3 (30/5 - 5/6)
  • Things are finally getting a bit easier, the last few nights Paige has started sleeping 4-5 hours in a row for one chunk in the night, making the days a bit more manageable.
  • Paige has her moments of whinging (most of the time), but then she has her times of sitting and playing nicely.
  • First checkup at the hospital with the physio to check over the cast, she said it all looked great and was happy with how it was wearing and how we were taking care of it.  She put some extra tape on some parts just to give it a bit of a refresh.
  • Took both kids out to the library for a play date.
  • My anxiety levels have ramped up, I don’t like taking both kids out on my own very much as I worry about Paige.

Week 4 (6/6 - 12/6)
  • Met up with a friend for a coffee and then went back to her place to play which Paige loved!
  • Went out to the local shopping centre, walked around to give Paige a change of scenery and had lunch there.

Week 5 (13/6 - 19/6)
  • We put Paige laying down on the floor, she was rolling around in circles and loving it!  She also was pulling/dragging herself around on the floor and was so happy that she could manoeuvre herself.
  • Had our second check up with the physio at the hospital to check over Paige’s cast and refresh the padding and tape around the edges.
  • Went for an adventure into the city, went to the markets and walked down Rundle Mall, watched buskers and had a special treat.
Week 6 (20/6- 26/6)
  • Counting down the days till cast removal!  We had started talking about it more and each day she thought it was coming off that day, and we had to keep telling her still a few more days to go.
  • I took Paige to the movies with a friend and her son to see Finding Dory, she loved it!
  • Had an MRI scan at the hospital to check the muscles were holding everything in place.  The scan was a bit scary for Paige but the staff at the hospital were so lovely and took their time to explain to Paige what was going to happen.  Brad and I both went in with her which helped to keep her calm and nice and still so they could get the scan done quickly.