Monday, 13 June 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 2} - surgery & our hospital stay

{You can also read Part 1 of Paige's hip journey and how we found out she had hip dysplasia}

Thursday 12th May 2016 - Surgery Day
We woke around 6:30am and gave Paige a bath, then headed to the Women's & Children's Hospital, arriving around 8am.  My Mum met us there and we all went into DOSA (day of surgery admissions).  We “checked in” where we were asked what procedure Paige was going to have (left hip open reduction, salter osteotomy and hip spica cast applied) and Paige was given an arm band.  One of the surgeons came to meet with us, double checked the surgery Paige was to have, and made a little smiley face on her left knee to indicate that was the hip to be operated on.  There was an arts and craft table set up and Paige played happily for a while doing some crafts with Nanna, completely unaware of what she was about to go through...

Doing crafts while in the waiting room

The anaesthetist met with us and asked us a whole heap of questions, including Paige’s favourite colour, then we met with a nurse who went through some more questions with us and weighed Paige and measured her height.  The the second surgeon Dr Nicole Williams came to meet with us and just have a chat.  We were then given a robe to put Paige in and she really didn't want it on, but we got there eventually.  By this time she was really starting to wonder what was going on and started to get a bit anxious, crying and just wanting to cuddle me.  A nurse gave her a pre med and in a matter of moments Paige had calmed down, I could feel her body relax into mine and her speech was starting to slur, it was almost like she was drunk!  It happened so quickly that I got Brad to ask the nurse if everything was ok, and they assured us it was.  Paige was becoming more and more relaxed and they said she could get dizzy from the pre med so said we could lay her down on the bed if we liked.  I laid her down and she was looking up at me, so out of it but still smiling.  It was then I cried, the poor little thing looked so helpless and I was so anxious of what she was about to go through.  Paige kept looking between me and Brad, who was standing on the other side of the bed and holding her hand.  She looked up at me and said “I love the hospital Mummy”, and my tears gave way to laughter, the little monkey was so dosed up on pre med and loving life!

We were told the surgeons were ready for her so Brad and I walked alongside Paige in the bed as they wheeled her through to the surgery suite.  We went to another waiting room where I was given a robe and cap to wear in preparation for taking her in to the operating theatre.  We waited another 5 or so minutes (another nurse came and again asked us what procedure Paige was about to have), and then it was time to take her in.  Brad said see ya later to Paige and was left to wait while I went along with Paige to the next room.  We went to a little holding room right outside of the surgical suite, this is where Paige was going to be put under anaesthetic.  There were so many people in this room - the anaesthetist, 3 or 4 nurses and an elderly volunteer who worked at the hospital and was there for emotional support.  The anaesthetist was holding the mask and it only had air coming out of it first up, he told Paige that he put special purple air in it as he knew it was her favourite colour, then he put the mask on his hand, on Paige’s hand, on my hand, on Paige’s ear and then held it hovering over her mouth.  Paige was completely calm and fine at this point so he turned to one of the nurses and asked her to turn on the anaesthetic and then he put the mask on her chin and covering her mouth, she took a few breaths in and then fell to sleep.  It was all so much easier than I had anticipated and I felt so much relief.  Then they asked the elderly volunteer to escort me back out to where Brad was, I leant down and kissed Paige on the forehead and had a few tears in my eyes, it was so hard to walk away from her.  I kissed her again and then the volunteer walked me out and back down the hallway to where Brad was.  I cried a bit walking down the hall and when I got back to Brad I smiled and said she went so perfectly.  He was so relieved to know that and also relieved to see that I wasn't hysterically crying which is what we both thought I would be like!  By then it was around 9:30am.

The volunteer said she was going to show us to the ward and room that Paige wold come back to after recovery from the surgery, we went and got Mum from the DOSA waiting room and as soon as I saw her I started to cry again!  A big hug from her and I was feeling ok again.  We walked to the Kate Hill ward and was shown where Paige’s bed would be, we were told we could put our things there too.  We left the ward and went to the cafe to get a much deserved coffee!  Brad, Mum and I sat in the cafe and chatted for an hour or so, I messaged some family and friends to let them know the operation was under way and that Paige was going well so far.  After a while I needed some fresh air so we went for a little walk and went to another cafe outside in the sunshine.  Mum and I got some pumpkin soup and while we were sitting out in the sun my phone was ringing with a private number, it was only 11:30am and I was so nervous, we were expecting the surgery to go for a few hours so I was worried something might be wrong!  I answered and it was Dr Nicole Williams, she was calling to say the surgery went really well, Paige’s hip went back into place easily and she has great movement.  The other Dr Williams was doing the stitches whilst she was on the phone to me and then she told me she was about to go back in to assist the physio with putting the cast on.  That was going to take half hour or so to put on and then another half hour or so for Paige to come out of recovery.  So it wouldn’t be too long before we would get to see her again!  YAY!!  I got off the phone and relayed everything to Brad and Mum, who were anxiously waiting by the phone the whole time I was on the call!  Everyone was so relieved it all went well, then the phone calls and messages started again, as we were calling and messaging everyone to let them know everything went well and we would be able to see Paige again soon.  We finished our lunch and walked to the Kate Hill ward, Brad went to get our bags from the car so they could be in her room when she came there.  We decided instead of waiting in the room for her we would wait by the door of recovery, so when she came out we could see her straight away.  We waited in the hall way/coridoor for ages, and after a while we decided we would go get another coffee while we waited, we got in the lift to go downstairs and my phone rang again, another private number, I answered straight away and it was the nurse from recovery saying Paige was upset and asking for me and could I come there, the phone was cutting out because we were in the lift and I was so anxious and just wanted to get out!  I told Brad and Mum what was going on as the lift door finally opened, I walked around to the stair well and practically ran back up the stairs and down the corridor to the recovery section,  I told the lady at reception I was there for Paige who was in recovery, they said only one of us could go in so I told Brad I’d keep him updated via messages and was then shown where Paige was.  

Paigey was so disoriented and had all these tubes attached to her arm where all the pain relief was being administered, she also had a heart rate monitor attached to her finger.  She was looking around at her arms and trying to move but obviously she couldn’t.  She was covered with a blanket and was so red in the cheeks and really hot so I took the blanket off her and there was still a sheet over her, I was too scared to look at the cast so I didn’t look under the sheet, all I wanted to do was comfort her and assure her that everything would be ok.  The nurse was saying they just wanted to get her heart rate down and make sure she was nice and calm before they could move her to the ward.  She kept saying “want to get down, want to get down”, and I was saying that she couldn’t get down but reassured her that she was ok.  In between calming her down and rubbing her forehead with my right hand I had my phone in my left hand messaging Brad and letting him know what was going on, a lot of the messages didn’t make much sense but I knew Brad would be able to interpret what I was trying to type and I just wanted him to know that she was ok, as we were worried that when they called me to ask me to come in that she may have be struggling.  After about 10 minutes Paige started asking for Daddy so I messaged him to say that we should swap over for a bit to see if he would be able to calm her down.  Brad messaged back saying he was waiting at the door and then I told Paige Daddy was going to come in now but that meant I had to go, and so I gave her a kiss and ran out so that Brad could get in quickly and that Paige wouldn’t have to be without one of us for very long.  I waited with Mum out in the hallway and I kept looking at my phone waiting for a message from Brad with updates on what was going on.  Minutes went by without a message from him and it felt like much longer!  I kept messaging him asking what was going on and after a few more minutes he finally replied saying they were about to come out.  After what seemed like forever, the double doors opened and out wheeled Paige’s bed with Brad walking right next to her holding her hand.  I ran to the other side of the bed and stroked her hand and forehead.  We walked alongside the bed all the way through the corridors and around corners until we made it to the Ward and the room where we would stay.  It was around 3pm when we were finally all settled in and the nurses came in and introduced themselves and we were told that Paige would have hourly observations until the morning.

Right after coming out of recovery

Giving Paige her new toys but she wasn't too interested!

Thursday night
I thought Paige would be sleeping for most of the arvo and evening, allowing her body to recover from the surgery, but it was the complete opposite!  She couldn’t get comfortable and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain so was unable to relax enough to be able to drift off to sleep.  It was the hardest thing to see her go through, and when she would finally drift off to sleep she would wake minutes later distressed and uncomfortable.

My Dad came in around 5pm and brought some gifts for Paige but she was so out of it to even realise and didn't even say hi.  My parents sat with Paige for a bit and around 6pm they both headed home.  Mum was going to come back in the morning.  Brad left around 7pm and went to get Jalen.

Thursday night was by far the hardest night, Paige barely slept and was really unsettled and uncomfortable, having lots of muscle spasms and just getting frustrated that she couldn't move or roll over.  We watched tv together for a few hours and she said she was hungry so I made her some toast and got her a cup of juice but she didn't want any of it.

Having some quiet time after everyone went home

The nurses gave her a little top up of drugs via the IV and at 9:45pm she finally slept for 45 minutes, which was the longest she had slept since coming out of recovery over 6 hours earlier.  Around 1:30am she was really hot & clammy at one stage her heart rate was well over 170 bpm and she was struggling to settle down.  3am she had a short nap and I managed to get around 15 minutes sleep.  At 3:45am they gave her a booster of 3mL of one of her IV meds to help with the pain and hopefully get her to have a sleep, and at 4am she had another short nap for around 45 minutes, the rest of the time she was awake and grizzly.

The guest bed had to be packed up by 9am so I folded it away and sat in the chair in my pjs, I really didn't care what I looked like and everyone else who was staying at the hospital overnight with their kids were all in the same boat.  The nurses wanted the pain management team to come by as they said the amount of drugs Paige had overnight was a lot and they might need to look at other options to try and make her more comfortable, and that she should be knocked out and sleeping with the amount of drugs she said and perhaps she just metabolises it quickly.

Dr Derfel Williams and a team of doctors (I think they were mostly student doctors) came in not long after 9am, to check on Paige.  Dr Williams asked a few questions about how our night went and assured me that Paige's behaviour was all normal given what she had just been through.

Brad got to the hospital around 9am, with Jalen and his Mum.  Paige continued to doze on and off for only a few minutes at a time, I had her out of the bed and sitting next to me in the chair.  Around 11am I had a break from the hospital room - I had a shower and then took Jalen down to the hospital cafe and playground so I could get a coffee and we could get some sunshine and fresh air.  Brad stayed with Paige and she slept for around an hour.  My Mum came in and stayed for a little while and then took Jalen home around his nap time so he could sleep in the car on the way home.

Dr Nicole Williams came in on her day off with her daughter to check on Paige and see her progress, she was very happy with how Paige was and confirmed again to us that everything that she was going through was completely normal.  Nicole's daughter played in the play room with Jalen for a while.  Then the physio came by as they needed to check our car seat and put Paige in there with her cast on to make sure she was supported correctly and had enough padding around her so that she would be safe to travel in the car.

We had to get an X-ray done at 3pm and when we came back we were told we had been moved to a new room - Paige was to have different medications which would require continuous observation so we needed to be in the room with other patients who also needed continuous monitoring.  Dinner came around at 5pm but Paige wasn't interested in eating anything, she had some tiny teddies not long after that and that was the first thing she had eaten all day.

Jalen saying hi to Paige

Having a cuddle

Brad and his mum went home and around 8pm Paige had a nice little sleep till around 9:30pm when she was woken up by the baby in the bed next to us, Paige settled back to sleep again relatively easily and slept till 11:30pm, when she woke up for meds & then slept again till 12:30am (4hrs total).

Settled in for the night

Finally having a little snooze

At 12:30am she woke and asked to watch tv, she was awake for a couple of hours.  Had a nap around 2:30am for 20 mins, and again at 3:30am for another 20 mins.  She had a good chunk of sleep from 4:30am - 6:30am, woke up and had some more pain meds then slept 7-8am.

She woke around 8am, a bit sore and grizzly.  She was still on the IV pain meds, the nurses were gradually dropping the amount down as they wanted to try and take her off them so we could go home at some stage that day. The anaesthetist came around and it was decided to stop the IV meds and switch to oral meds.

Having a snooze and a cuddle :)

Brad and his parents came in around 10am and Paige's IV meds had been stopped by then, so they removed all the tubes.  Paige was loving it not being attached to anything anymore!  The nurses told us if we could get Paige to have something to eat we could go home

Around 12:30pm lunch was delivered and Paige managed to eat a little bit of food, but she really wanted a pasty so Brad went for a walk to find a bakery, he came back with a pasty and she managed to eat a few bites but didn't have heaps.  She ate some more tiny teddies and had a few spoonfuls of yoghurt and the nurses were happy with how much she had eaten so at 3pm Paige was discharged and the nurse wheeled us out to the car, I was sitting in the wheelchair and Paige was sitting on my lap.  

Pasty time!

The drive home was a bit hectic, there seemed to be so many bumps in the road!  Paige grizzled a little bit but I think she was mostly happy to be out and about after a couple of days in the hospital!  I think we all were happy to be leaving and coming home!  And I couldn't wait to sleep in my own bed again :)

Heading home!!