Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Paige's hip dysplasia {part 3} - the first week at home with a spica cast

The first week at home was so much harder than I could have ever imagined!  I knew the surgery and recovery in hospital would be challenging but that was really just the beginning.  The first week was definitely the hardest and things gradually got better in the weeks after that.  But far out, that week was one of the toughest of my life - seeing Paige turn into a different child, seeing her go through the surgery and recovery, the sleep deprivation from all of us, guilt from not spending time with Jalen, and just getting my head around what had happened and how we were going to manage life with Paige in the spica cast for the next 7 weeks,  it was so incredibly overwhelming and consuming during that week.

Saturday 14/5
We got home around 4pm on Saturday arvo and settled in, we set Paige up in front of the tv, propped her up on pillows and blankets on a chair at a little table.  She was still in a fair amount of pain so we were keeping up the panadol and nurofen every 2-4 hours.  A friend dropped off dinner for us so we didn't have to cook and it was so nice not having to worry about cooking and to be able to focus on Paige.
Jalen stayed overnight at my parents place so we could focus on getting Paige settled in.
Sleep - The first night at home we put Paige in her own bed and I set up a bed on the floor next to her.  That first night was really tough, Paige just couldn’t drift off to sleep and when she did she woke up every hour or so crying and was so uncomfortable and frustrated that she couldn't just roll over and get comfy.  It was hard to see her like that but I just kept reassuring her, cuddling her and rubbing her foot.  Having her foot rubbed has been her comfort thing throughout all of this and doing it calms her down pretty quickly.

Sunday 15/5
Sunday morning we got Paige up and about, she sat up in front of the tv and we tried to get her playing with her new toys (she had been so spoilt by family and friends with lots of new things to keep her entertained) but she wasn’t really interested, being still a bit drugged out she just wanted to sit and watch tv.  By the afternoon she played for about 15 minutes but then was tired and we put her in our bed for a lie down to watch a movie.  My Mum brought Jalen home and then Brad’s parents took Jalen for a sleepover for a few nights so we could continue to try and get Paige into a new routine and to allow us some time to rest. 
Sleep - After the first night at home was so rough we decided too take a new approach - Paige would sleep in our bed and Brad and I would take shifts sleeping in the bed with her while the other slept in Paige’s bed.  I stayed in with Paige until 4am and then we swapped over.  Paige slept 1-2 hours at a time, waking up and then taking ages to settle back to sleep again, only to wake again in another 1hr or so.  It was a vicious cycle and the poor thing was still getting used to being inher cast.

Monday 16/5
We had our first lot of visitors, Paige's Aunty Danni and cousin Ebony came over to play and bring some lovely gifts (and coffee for me!).  Paige sat up for ages playing with Ebony and was almost back to her normal self which was so great to see.  The girls did some crafts and chatted away with quite a few laughs involved too!
Food - she ate almost normally today, had some cheerio’s for breakfast, spaghetti for both lunch and dinner and drank lots of water.
Sleep - Paige had a nap cuddling on Brad’s lap this arvo.  Night time sleeping like a newborn baby still - waking every hour or so and taking ages to resettle.

Set up playing with her toys

Tuesday 17/5
Paige went a bit backwards, was whingey, tired and uncomfortable all day, and only had a nap for around half an hour.  She was constantly complaining of her legs being sore but when we offered her panadol she refused it. Today was the day I realised that this was so much harder that I could have ever anticipated, settling in to a new routine at home and having Paige get used to being in the spica cast was very challenging.  
Food - She didn't each much was generally miserable all day.
Sleep - No nap, She went to sleep around 9pm (we tried earlier but she just wouldn’t fall to sleep even though she was obviously so tired!).  She woke every 2 hours or so and the time it took to resettle her was a little bit less than than the previous night, so we were taking a step in the right direction!

Watching a movie

Wednesday 18/5
Brad’s Mum brought Jalen back home this morning, I felt like it had been so long since I had properly seen him so I took him out for a baby cino and a treat just the two of us, he loved having a special treat and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with him and get out of the house as well!
Food - Paige barely ate any breakfast, snacked on some cheerios throughout the day but that was about it.
Sleep - she had a nap for around an hour.  We decided instead of taking the night in shifts staying up with Paige we would take it a night at a time, so tonight I slept in Paige’s bed all night so I could really catch up on some sleep properly, and Brad stayed in our bed with Paige.

Craft time set up at her little table

Thursday 19/5
Paige is still complaining of her legs being sore and still refusing panadol, today she even spat it out all over the floor after I gave it to her! Her behaviour has really gone downhill since the surgery, but we know it is just a side affect of everything the poor little thing has been through as her entire world has been turned upside down.
We decided it was time to get out and about and back in society!  Jalen was still at his grandparents place so Brad and I took Paige to the shopping centre for a change of scenery, we got a coffee and just walked around the shops so she had lots of different things to look at.  When we were walking back to the car she asked to go back in, so we went in and did another lap of the shops, she was so happy to get out of the house.  We put her in the pram at the shops, we have the Baby Jogger City Select (I’ve also written 10 things I love about my pram) and she could sit in the pram seat in her cast pretty well.  She was propped up with some towels underneath her so she was nice and comfy, and we had a light blanket over her but ended up taking it off as it was easier to navigate around the shops when people could actually see the cast and know why her legs were sticking out the sides, rather than thinking she was being a cheeky monkey kicking her legs out!
In the afternoon Paige choose some toys out of one of her gift boxes and played for a few hours, she did painting, colouring in and a puzzle
Sleep - No nap. We decided to try her in her own bed again for naps but she wasn’t ready to sleep on her own just yet, she was still having night terrors and waking a lot during the night.

Out and about at the shops

Friday 20/5
Jalen got dropped back in the morning and my Mum came down for a visit too.  I decided to take Jalen up to my parents place and stay there for the night so I could spend some more time with Jalen and we could also get a good sleep!  We headed up around 4pm and Brad was to spend the night at home with Paige.
Food - eating almost like normal again, lots of spaghetti, english muffins

Saturday 21/5
Jalen and I spent most of the day at my parents, I laid in bed and caught up on some rest while my parents took Jalen outside for a big play.  We headed back home Saturday arvo and then Brad took Jalen to his parents place and Paige and I were having a night at home.
Paige’s Granny took her out to the shops on her bike and Paige loved it.  The bike is much easier than the pram to get her in and out of and she loves riding around in it.

Going for a walk on the bike with Granny

Sunday 22/5
Brad and Jalen came home in the morning and we finally were all together again as a family for this first time since Paige’s surgery!  We spent the day at home playing, watching movies and lazing around.  I had felt so guilty about not being able to spend much time with Jalen so it was so nice to be all together again.  We were now one week down and around 6 weeks to go!