Monday, 6 June 2016

Paige - almost 4yrs old

Doing some painting
You like;

  • pretend play - making cakes, cooking, going to the shops etc
  • getting Jalen to get things for you "Jalen can you please go get me my microwave/some bananas/the paints"
  • painting - you've been given so many amazing craft activities to do since having your hip surgery and your favourite by far is painting, you love painting your mermaid statue and bird house
  • doing bubbles outside of an evening before dinner is ready
  • watching videos on YouTube of kids playing with their new toys
  • your frozen flannelette pjs
  • doing puzzles 

You don't like;
  • having a bath with your cast on
  • when Jalen takes the toy you're playing with as you can't chase him to get it from him
  • not being able to walk and go outside on the trampoline

You can;
  • ask for certain songs to be put on while we're in the car
  • play with Jalen for longer periods of time without arguing/fighting with each other :)
  • carry on conversations with Jalen and help teach him words, colours etc

You say;
  • "Mummy I love you so much in the whole wide world all the time"
  • "Mummy you can be my best friend all the time"
  • "Jalen I can't come with you mate, I can't walk because I have my purple plastic pants on"
  • "Mummy can you please rub my foot?  It hurts and that will make it feel much better"

You love to eat;
  • english muffins
  • vegetable pasties
  • cheerios
  • strawberries
  • hot chips

You have;
  • a real funny sense of humour
  • taken having your cast off in your stride, it rarely bothers you and you have just been enjoying all the extra iPad time and doing crafts all the time!
  • your sleep has gone a bit backwards since your hip operation and having your cast on, the first couple of weeks you were up every hour or 2, slowly sleeping loner and you now wake 1-2 times a night

Craft time with Granny

Going to the shops - your first outing after your surgery 

A visit from your Great Nan

Playing with Jalen

Getting your cast checked over at the hospital

Out to lunch with Daddy

Playing with Poppy

Having a donut treat out with Mummy