Friday, 10 June 2016

Jalen - 2 yrs & 3 mths

Playing with play dough
You like;
  • asking what things are that you don't know "Mummy what's this?", and then repeating the word back to us
  • choosing a toy to take to bed with you - usually it's your garbage truck
  • playing with anything that makes a big mess - play dough, rice, any sensory play activity!
  • playing the iPad and watching truck videos on YouTube 
  • helping Daddy with activities around the home - you loved patching up the wall in the kitchen after our bench was done
  • sleepovers at Granny & Pa's house and Nanna & Poppy's house
  • walking around the supermarket and helping out with the grocery shopping by picking up everything off the shelves and putting it in the trolley

You don't like;
  • going to bed without a toy
  • having your door shut during nap/bed time
  • all trucks, cars and things with wheels

You can;
  • count to 12
  • tell me when you're hot or cold
  • make your own breakfast - taking the weetbix out the box and breaking it up in the bowl before I add the milk
  • put yourself to bed at night, but you always want us to come tuck you in and give you a cuddle

You say;
  • "Mummy look I found the garbage truck!"
  • "oh no he fell down" - when you drop a toy
  • "Look what's in there"
  • Reversing truck sounds - super cute
  • In general your sentences are getting longer and you are talking so much these days! It's lots of fun :)

You love to eat;
  • weetbix
  • bananas
  • muesli bars
  • homemade pancakes
  • pumpkin soup
  • english muffins

You have;
  • your two year old molars are slowly making their appearance over the last few weeks, you are sometimes unsettled a night but generally ok

  • day - nap around 1pm for 1hr or so depending on what activities we've done for the morning and how much we've tuckered you out
  • night - down for the night at 7/7:30pm, you lay there chatting to yourself for half an hour or so and then go to sleep when you're ready, you wake a couple of times during the night just for a drink, and then sleep till about 7am

Having a picnic under the table with Paige

A day out with your Great Grandad and Granny

Getting a hair cut from Daddy

Flipping through a photo album your Granny made for you

Helping Daddy do some reno's

Out to lunch

Sleeping with one of your trucks