Friday, 8 April 2016

Jalen - 2 years old

You like;
  • taking your garbage truck to bed
  • singing the garbage truck song off YouTube
  • watching truck videos
  • exploring at the park with Daddy
  • jumping on the trampoline
  • going to the swimming centre and splashing around 

You don't like;
  • having the iPad taken away from you when you're watching truck videos
  • Paige telling you what to do

You can;
  • count to 10
  • know a couple of colours - blue, purple, green
  • swim on your own with arm floaties on

You say;
  • You ask and answer your own questions - "Whoa, what was that? That's a truck!"
  • When asked what you want for breakfast "Mummy I waaaaaaaaant weetbix!"
  • When looking around the house for Paige - "Paige where are you?" 

You love to eat;
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • toast with peanut butter
  • hot cross buns
  • noodles
  • sausage rolls
  • carrots

You have;
  • we are still waiting on your 2 yr old molars

  • day - nap around 1pm for 1hr or so depending on what activities we've done for the morning and how much we've tuckered you out
  • night - down for the night around 7pm, about half of the time you will sleep through, other nights you wake wanting a drink or needing me to put your blanket back on
On your second birthday

Lunch time with Paige

Sensory play with rice and little trucks

Swimming centre time!!

Chatting on the phone to Pa

Out for dinner 

Your 2nd birthday cake