Monday, 13 July 2015

Paige - 3yrs

You like;
  • Tinkerbell
  • Trucks - we always go out the front when we hear the garbage truck coming
  • the tunnel playground - you've named it that as there are a couple of big tunnel slides there
  • playing out the back with Daddy and Jalen
  • Mr Potato Head - you loved playing the app and with the Mr Potato Heads at playgroup so we bought you a big set of them for your birthday and you love them
  • Princess dresses, tutus, necklaces, crowns and wands

You don't like;
  • being restrained in the pram/trolley, you'd much rather be out walking around the place
  • having your hair washed
  • when Jalen wants to play with the toy you're playing with

You can;
  • sing songs in the right key
  • point things out to Jalen while we're in the car "Jaley look at that mate, look at that big blue truck mate"

You say;

  • say longer sentences, on your birthday you said "Thanks everyone for all my wonderful presents"
  • how old you are "I'm three!!"
  • you can answer how you're feeling "Paigey's very very sad" (usually when you don't get your way with a treat!) or "Paigey's very happy!"
  • your whole name 
  • you've been chatting away to your toys lately, telling them stories, putting them to bed, making them walk around the house etc etc

You love to eat;

  • pizza
  • chocolate and treats
  • crackers
  • baby cino's
  • sausage rolls

You have;

  • a kind heart
  • you are genuinely concerned if someone hurts themselves or is sad
  • a wonderful sharing streak - whenever you're eating you always share with Jalen and make sure he has his drink bottle

You have such a fun personality!

At dance classes

Playing with Daddy

Cheeky little monkey

At the playground with Jalen

Testing out the Smorgaldy and Porgan cookies… yum!

The contents of your "shopping bag" after your shopping spree at home

Loving playing in the sunshine

Having a snack with Jalen at Nanna & Poppy's