Monday, 20 July 2015

Jalen - 16 months

You like;
  • playing with Paige
  • shooting hoops with Daddy out the backyard
  • cruising around on Paige's scooter she got for her 3rd birthday
  • running down the hallway when we're going to the car saying "car, caaaaarrrrrr"
  • swings
  • going on the train

You don't like;
  • Paige stealing your toys away from you
  • being restrained in the pram when you want to walk around

You can;
  • climb ladders at the playground confidently
  • go down slides head first with no fear!
  • hold your own with Paige 

You say;
  • doggy
  • yoghurt
  • granny (ga-gee)
  • nanna
  • poppy
  • pa
  • truck (tuck)
  • drink (dink)
  • love you (laa you)
  • goodnight daddy (na-noy da-dee)
  • raaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

You love to eat;
  • toast
  • bananas
  • yoghurt
  • sultanas

You have;
  • your top molars have come through so you now have all 4 molars (yay!)
  • little curls of hair on the back of your head

  • day - nap around 12pm for 1hr or so depending on what activities we've done for the morning and how much we've tuckered you out
  • night - down for the night at 6:30/7pm, wake around 11pm/1am for a bottle then back to sleep till 7am (ish)
Exploring the tunnels at the playground

Love heart sunnies!!

Watching the Minions DVD in the car

A little yoghurt snack before your bath

Climbing in the cupboard

We forgot your shoes at the playground so you had to
wear Paige's Tinkerbell gumboots! 

Having a babycino

Playing hide & seek with Paige in the wardrobe