Thursday, 9 July 2015

10 awesome things about my pram

When I was pregnant with Paige I found that choosing a pram was so overwhelming!  We walked into the shop and were met with rows upon rows of prams –  how on earth would we figure out which one would be a good fit for us?!

We had a couple of main criteria that was important to us;
  • we knew we wanted to have our kids close together, so wanted to get a pram that would convert to a double pram and would fit in with our growing family when the time came for our second child.  (A weird thought at the time considering we hadn’t even had one baby yet!)
  • a good size basket underneath to carry all our bits and pieces.  I had seen some people pushing pram’s around and having to carry their nappy bag or hang them off the handle and I didn’t want to have to do that
  • something easy to push with a single or double seat

Paige before her first time in the pram at 2 days old

With all that in mind we decided on the baby jogger city select.  My 10 reasons for choosing this pram;
  • It’s super easy to push - even with two seats and a basket filled with stuff, it glides over any surface!  Also it's so easy to push & steer with one hand, which I found I had to do at times when our baby was unsettled and wanted to be carried.
  • The basket size - I love that I can always fit so much stuff in there including groceries and a box of nappies which is so good as I don’t have to worry about carrying anything while I’m pushing it!
  • The bassinet attachment has a nice cushioned mattress so you don't need to add anything to make it comfy for bubs.
  • It’s so quick to fold away and put into the boot of the car, and you need a quick folding pram when the kids are getting antsy and you need to leave in a hurry!
  • A capsule can click into it if you decide to go that way over the bassinet attachment for a newborn.
  • There are lots of options for extra attachments and bits and pieces.
  • Seat configurations - there are so many different combo’s which is great because I can set the seats up depending on the kids moods, they can both face outwards, inwards or face each other.   If there’s lots to see I have them facing out so they can look around, or if I need them to have a nap I have them facing me.
  • The seat is easy to adjust, so if the kids fall asleep I can easily recline them so they are more comfortable and sleep longer, it’s a win, win!
  • Tyres - some prams have tires similar to bike tyres, which means they can be punctured and need repairing, but the baby jogger has special tyres that never need pumping up or repairing.
  • The brake is on the handlebars (as opposed to a foot brake on some other prams) so it's super handy & within reach.

I was the first in my group of girlfriends to have kids and when others become pregnant they have turned to me for advice on many things including prams, and all of them have gone on to buy the same items based on my recommendation and are very happy with their choice.  We are so glad we made the investment with our baby jogger pram, it is something we use almost every day and it has made my job as a Mum much easier which is always a good thing!

Paige and her buddy Max in their matching prams

The day Jalen came home from hospital (2 days old) and the first time we used our pram with 2 seats

At the shops

Both kids snoozing... winning!!