Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Paige - 2yrs & 11mths

You like;

  • dancing lessons - you just started last week and loved learning all the moves 
  • Taylor Swift songs - especially Blank Space, Bad Blood and Shake It Off
  • garbage trucks - we always have to run outside on a Monday morning as soon as you hear the truck coming
  • flags - we drive past lots every day and you love pointing them out
  • playing with my crystals and hate it when I take them away from you
  • having clothes on at home, you prefer to cruise around with no pants on!

You can;

  • reach the stove top and turn it on!  We have had to take off the switches so you don't turn the hot plates on
  • remember the words and actions to so many songs

You say;

  • "You ok mate?" to Jalen when he falls over or hurts himself
  • "Aboriginal flag and Australian flag" as we drive past the flags at the school and in Pt Noarlunga
  • when you want a special treat from the lunch box and you haven't eaten any of your fruit yet "no more apples, apples are all gone, we only have marshmallows now ok Mummy?"

You love to eat;

  • sultanas
  • marshmallows
  • strawberries

You have;

  • the kindest nature towards Jalen, when you're eating you usually share with him and like to give him toys to play with
  • a cheeky nature towards Jalen, you like to push him and see his reaction

Happy little camper
Being a monkey at the playground
Fast asleep :)
Having a tea party with Mama
At the playground with Jalen
Milky's before bed!

I just love your little ringlets