Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Paige - 2yrs & 10 mths

You like;
  • pushing Jalen on his ride on Thomas the tank engine 
  • the "tunnel playground" paddle pop playground with the tunnel slide
  • Tinkerbell movies
  • playing dress ups and wearing princess dresses
  • playing board games with Daddy
  • listening to songs on the radio & reciting them later

You don't like;
  • when I try and take your dummy away
  • trying new foods

You can;
  • recite the words to so many songs
  • get Jalen to copy words that you say to him
  • get undressed yourself

You say;
  • "no Mummy" when I am singing along to her favourite songs on the radio
  • "I love you Mummy" and "I love you Daddy" all the time (without promting!)

You love to eat;
  • pom pom's (cocoa bombs cereal)
  • tinned spaghetti
  • rice crackers