Friday, 16 January 2015

Paige - 2yrs & 6 mths

Weight: xxx kg

You like;
  • pushing Jalen on his ride on Thomas the tank engine 
  • kissing things better - my knee/daddy's toe etc 
  • watching video's of yourself on the iPad
  • Frozen - you've only just started watching it but we watch it several times each day!
  • wearing dresses and call them all "ballerina dresses" 

You don't like;
  • trying new foods
  • when Jalen takes your toys/food

You can;
  • sing and do all the dance moves to;
    • Chandelier - Sia
    • Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
    • Let It Go - Frozen
  • get Jalen to wave to you
  • use the toilet confidently

You say;
  • I was putting Jalen to bed the other night and you burst into the room and said "what's going on in here!"
  • "I love you Mummy" and "I love you Daddy" all the time (without promting!)

You love to eat;
  • cheerio's (you can't get enough!)
  • chicken sausage rolls
  • rice cakes

You have;
  • a caring streak for your brother - if he's crying you will bring me your dummy and say "Jalen needs a dummy"