Friday, 3 October 2014

Paige - 2 yrs & 3 mths

Weight: 13.5 kg

You like;
  • playing with your wooden alphabet letters, and asking yourself what each letter is
  • cuddling random things and narrating it too "Paigey cuddle Daddy's pants", "Paigey cuddle chair" and so on...

You don't like;

  • having your nappy changed (I'm hoping this will help with toilet training in a few weeks time!)
  • getting dressed
  • having your photo taken - the only way I can get you to smile is by getting you to say "hello Daddy-eeeeeeeeee"

You can;
  • sing the alphabet song
  • jump off of steps/ledges and you love doing it
  • make funny noises to Jalen and get him to smile

You say;

  • while driving the other day you randomly said "I love tree's"
  • I opened the car to get you out today and you said "I'm eating it" I asked what you were eating as I hadn't given you anything on the drive and you said "I'm eating boogies!" haha nice one

You love to eat;
  • biscuits 
  • spaghetti (dinosaur shapes especially!)
  • smoothies - you always want some of Mummy's smoothie

You have;
  • super long & curly hair, your Granny straightened it a few weeks ago and the curls bounced back within hours!
  • gotten a fair bit taller recently - a lot of your clothes seem like they're shrinking, pants are getting shorter and tops are getting tighter!