Friday, 10 October 2014

Jalen - 7 months old

It has been a bit month for you Jalen - you have learnt to crawl and your first tooth has popped through!

Weight:  9 kg

You like;
  • playing in the ball pit with Paige
  • smiling - but this is nothing new, you smile all the time
  • going on the swing at the playground
  • exploring your surroundings
  • holding your drink bottle and chewing on the spout

You can;
  • crawl - you do the commando crawl, dragging yourself everywhere!  You are already quite the little adventurer and are trying to get into anything you can
  • grab tiny bits of food and put them in your mouth
  • smile and laugh at your sister when she says funny things to you

You eat;
  • zucchini slice is a fave at the moment
  • toast

You have;
  • one tooth!!  It cut through this week, you've been a bit grizzly but teething gel, panadol and lots of cuddles have helped
  • chunky legs and arms with lots of fat rolls, so cute :)
  • day - naps are still 31 minutes to the dot, so you have 3-4 naps a day to make sure you get enough sleep during the day
  • night - this past month you have been waking heaps due to a viral infection and now teething, you're waking every 2-3hrs (sometimes more often), and you like to wake and start the day anywhere from 5:30am to 7am
Little pirate butt :)
Exploring around the lounge & dining room
Sprung playing with the blinds

Eating zucchini slice

Bacon - yum!

Playing in the ball pit