Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sick-tember (aka the flu attacks our household for the month)

I've been a bit quiet around these parts lately, due to our good ol' friend the flu.  It hit our house pretty hard and lasted over 4 weeks.  It's the first time we've all been sick at the same time and the whole month of September has come and gone with not much happening for us at all, we've been in lock down.  We missed Father's Day, my birthday, playgroup, play dates and just generally getting out and about.  I lacked energy to continue with my blogging so had an unplanned break even though I have just launched my new site, but now I'm back and hoping to blog a couple of times a week again.

The weather had been glorious too - mid to late 20's and so much amazing sunshine, yet we're trapped in our home trying to get better!  It has felt like everyone else has been getting on with life and we've been stuck in groundhog day.  I ended up with a nasty ear infection too which resulted in ear blockage and loss of hearing, and poor little Jalen had a viral infection & inflamed ears too.  I tried so many home remedies to unblock my ears but nothing worked - I tried ear candling, roast onions over my ears, onion drops in my ears, eating spicy foods, inhaling steam, driving up a big hill (to see if the change in pressure would make my ears pop) and I even tried putting breast milk in my ears!!  I was beyond desperate!  But unfortunately I just had to wait it out, my hearing is still not 100% but is much better now so I'm feeling very grateful!

Anyways that's enough whinging from me!  The last few days we have all brightened up a lot, the kids are sleeping a bit better, Brad has been well enough to return to work and we have been getting out and about again.  It feels so good to get up, ready & leave the house each day.  I feel like I've joined society again!  The flu is one nasty little critter that's for sure!

Do you have any home remedies for the flu or ear infections?  Or do you have any preventative measures you take to avoid getting sick?  After having this nasty flu I am trying to stay extra healthy to avoid getting struck down again!

Our kitchen was over flowing with medicines!

A care package left on my door step by one of my amazing friends

I tried everything to unblock my ears, including ear candling!