Thursday, 21 August 2014

Jalen - 5 months old

So here you are, little Jalen Reggie - 5 months old
Weight: 8.5 kg
Height: 63 cm

You like;
  • milk - you are a feeding machine & feed every 2-3hrs day and night.  There have been 2 nights over the last two months that you have given me a 5 hour break between feeds, which has been amazing!
  • sucking your hands
  • chewing anything you can get your hands onto (rusks, Sophie the giraffe & the crazy cow are your favourite toys)
  • being in the walker & smashing all the buttons to hear all the different sounds they make
  • going in the ergo baby and just being held close to Mama
  • watching Paige run around playing
  • the jolly jumper - you can be in there for ages just jumping around & looking at the world around you

You can;
  • roll over, you've done it a few times before, but over the last week you have been doing it consistently, and you are so proud every single time you do it
  • grab a toy that is placed in front of you

You eat;
  • peas, although you didn't think too much of them
  • sweet potato, your favourite so far

You have;
  • the biggest smile I've ever seen, and you are so smiley all the time!
  • chubby little legs with lots of rolls

You are a very content baby, as long as your belly is full!  

Just rolled over and you are so happy with yourself

Playing with Paige ~ having some yummy "cake"
You weigh 8.5 kilos!

Loving the Jolly Jumper