Monday, 25 August 2014

Baby sleep problems

Last week I had reached breaking point with Jalen's sleep/feeding routine.  It had been over 8 weeks now of him feeding every 2-3 hours day and night, and with Paige having dropped her day naps I was just never getting a break.

Somehow the 4 month wonder week/sleep regression merged into the next wonder week without a break.  Jalen is such a content baby that I didn't really think too much into it, just that he's a big hungry boy needing to feed all the time, but it got to a point where I had just had enough.  Surely at 5 months old he shouldn't be feeding 2-3 hourly overnight?!  I mean you expect that from a newborn, but a 5 month old?  Something had to be done as I was at the end of my tether!

I called Child and Youth Health (CYH) and booked an appointment to see one of their nurses.  We ended up seeing two different nurses and they were able to give us a few tips and things to try out.  One of them was that I needed to make a better attempt to drag Jalen out between feeds during the night, but with Paige just across the hall way from Jalen's room this would be hard as she has woken up before when he is unsettled.  Cue Granny & Pa - they offered to have Paige for a few nights so we could focus on Jalen and not worry about Paige's sleep being disturbed, so thankful for that!

After two nights of focussing on Jalen we finally were having some better nights!  He has been going 4-5 hours between feeds and I am really hoping he keeps this up.

A few things we tried;
  • solids at 4:30pm
  • bed at 6pm - we had previously been putting the kids to bed at the same time (7pm) but this was too late for Jalen
  • Brad to go in if Jalen was unsettled before the next feed (10/10:30pm) so that he couldn't smell the milk on me.  He has been settling much quicker with Brad too.
  • making better attempts at a day time nap routine - we usually take Paige out in the mornings and if Jalen fell asleep while we were out we would let him, but if he didn't I would just let him go, turns out I had been neglecting his day naps pretty badly which in turn was affecting his night routine.

We also are going to Day Service later this week where we spend the day with a CYH nurse who observes our routine and gives us help along the way.

If you're struggling with sleep/feeding issues or any other baby issues I would definitely recommend contacting Child & Youth Health to make an appointmen with one of their nurses, they have been very helpful so far, and they are approachable and friendly.  I wish I had called them sooner!

Cheers to good sleeps!

{Note ~ CYH is in SA - I'm not sure if they have the same name or a different name in other states}