Friday, 1 February 2013

One Little Word - January

A few weeks ago I blogged all about my One Little Word - Give.  I have been consciously trying to focus on my word as much as I can, and I am definitely finding that it is making a difference in my daily life.


This month I have noticed my one little word impacting my life in may ways;

  • I have given people the benefit of the doubt when driving - you never know what kind of day someone else is having, they might be driving erratically or be in a rush due to a family emergency or finding out some bad news etc, I always try to remember this when I find the way someone is driving is bugging me!
  • I had a blood test the other week and there was a queue, it was a "numbers system" where you take a number and sit back down and wait till your number is called.  I got my number and sat down, then noticed a gentleman who had arrived before me who didn't realise he needed to get a number so he got up and got the next number after me.  When my number was called I told him to go before me as he had been waiting longer, he looked like he was in his work clothes and in a bit of a rush to get back to work.  He was so appreciative to me and it made me feel so good!  
  • I have been giving my time to people who stop me to chat and ask about Paige - it's amazing how many people want to come up and look at Paige and ask questions about her, especially older people.  They are always so happy and they often love to tell me about their grandchildren too, one lady I spoke to had a grandson born on the same day as Paige!  Now that I am not working I am usually not in any hurry when I'm out and about so when someone approaches me I have been making time for them, and it's amazing how wonderful it feels!  
  • I have been giving time to myself to read, in particular I borrowed a book from our local Library by Louise Hay called "You Can Heal Your Life" (you can buy it here).  This book is so beautiful and very empowering.  I am still only part of the way through it but am hoping to finish it soon!
  • I have been giving extra help to people, and going out of my way to do so - I have contacted a new Mum to tell her all about baby slings and carriers, things that could help make her life with a newborn easier, and I have given advice about my journey on quitting sugar to an anonymous reader who commented on my blog.
January has been a very successful month for me and my One Little Word, and I am loving it!  I have found a small gesture that doesn't take much effort on my part can make such a big difference to someone's day and that is a wonderful feeling.

Do you have one word that "speaks" to you?  Try focusing on it and you will find out how amazing it is that one word can impact so many areas in your life.

D xx