Thursday, 17 January 2013

Summer manifesto

This year I have decided to write my own summer manifesto.  I know Summer is almost half way through but I wanted to do it anyway!

My awesome friend Sarah recommended it to me after writing her own Winter Manifesto, getting the idea from Ali Edwards blog.

Basically the idea is to compile a list of things you want to have happen or do over the summer months.  Those things that you always think about but somehow never get around to.  And with this being Paige's first summer I feel even more motivated to do some different things!

My Summer Manifesto

  1. Spend an arvo down the beach
  2. Take Paige to the swimming pool
  3. Have fresh fruit on hand at home
  4. Treat myself to a pedicure and possibly a massage!
  5. Experiment with sugar free recipes (as I have now quit sugar)
  6. Make some Instagram fridge magnets
  7. Head up the river for a day
  8. Go down the coast for the weekend - explore the markets & have a nice long lunch
  9. Wear dresses more (instead of waiting for a special occasion)
  10. Go to the Fringe Festival
  11. Watch a summer sunset

And just for fun here are some of my fave summer pics from previous summers..

Cocktails in the backyard of our first home {2008}

A day at the beach with my gorgeous girlfriends {2010}
Heading to the Uni O'Ball {circa 2007}

Drinking wine in the sun {2009}

Have you got something that you have been wanting to do in the warmer months but have never gotten around to?  Do it!  Go on, I dare you!

D xx