Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I quit sugar... again!

Back in May I posted about my journey of quitting sugar.  Since then I was still consuming sugar every now and then, and after Paige was born I found myself looking for a sweet treat to help me through the days of having little to no sleep, I was slowly consuming more and more sugar and I didn't like where I was headed!  Then I decided to pick up The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie and read it again to reaffirm the messages that I had learnt.  It was good to re-read the book and review the reasons why I decided to cut back on my sugar consumption in the past and it was then I decided that I wanted to try and quit sugar again.  

This was in early November last year and I was around 2 weeks in to cutting down my sugar consumption when Brad decided he wanted to quit sugar as well.  We watched Dr Robert Lustigs lecture "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" and the next day we were all systems go!  We went through our fridge & pantry and threw out everything that had more than 6 grams of sugar per 100 grams, it was a very cleansing thing to do.

All of the sauces & condiments we had that were
laced with sugar - into the bin they went!

Then we went to the supermarket & stocked up on food that considered "safe" for the recovering sugarholic. 

I was around 2-3 weeks in when I got a headache that lasted for a few days, and panadol just didn't help.  This is one of the withdrawal symptoms David writes about in his book.  We both also went through a stage of being hungry all the time, but this again is a normal withdrawal symptom and it soon passed.  Being constantly hungry is the bodies way of getting the hunger hormones stable again, and the body is getting used to not having sugar mess with the system.

Our pantry after we threw out all the sugary foods!

We have been drinking lots of green tea to help with the hunger levels and cravings.  Most nights around 9pm I will have a snack of greek yoghurt with homemade muesli (recipe to come), I find this helps me stay full until the morning.  

Even though we didn't quit sugar to lose weight, both Brad and I have lost weight and are feeling amazing!  Needless to say after feeling so good we have been chatting to our friends and family about sugar and the effects it has - it has impacted their choices too, and we have encouraged them to research more into the food they put into their bodies.

I feel so good about quitting sugar this time, it's now been over 2 months and the cravings for sweet treats are slowly becoming few and far between.  I have been baking using Dextrose as a sugar replacement and will post some more on this soon.

Have you quit sugar?  If you have any recipe ideas I'd love to hear them!  Have a great week!

D x