Thursday, 20 September 2012

TYP - Week Three

Week Three - Gratitude Week

For week three of the treasure yourself project I need to write a gratitude list and read it as much as possible!  I have written it on my phone so I can easily read it whenever I feel the need.

It has been very refreshing to have my gratitude list, and reading it every day makes me really appreciate all the things I have.  It really is the simple things in life that we should all be grateful for daily.

Some of the things I am grateful for are...

I am grateful for my happy & healthy family

I am grateful for our energetic dogs - Billy & Jordie

During the week I went to the park a couple of times with Paige & we laid in the sun, I am so grateful for the gorgeous spring sunshine, summer is just around the corner!

I am grateful for this fabulous spring sunshine!

I am grateful to hang out at the park with Paige

I am grateful to soak up the sun with a sleeping Paige :)

My exercise for week 3 has included cross trainer & long walks along the beach when the weather has been warm enough & the wind is settled.  I am continuing to slowly lose the baby weight & feel very good!  I got some new sneakers & a work out top for my birthday which has helped to keep me motivated! 

How are you feeling this week?  Have you ever written a gratitude list?  I definitely suggest writing one, it is quick, easy and can be very rewarding!

Donna xx