Saturday, 8 September 2012

Photo a day August

In the past I have completed the Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day challenge for June - see here.  I missed out on the month of July as Paige was born, but I am back on track for the August & September challenges.  

The list for the August challenge is as follows;

And here are my pics for this past month;

1. Outside - the windmill on our arvo walk
2. One - this little munchkin is one month old
3. Coin - only had one coin in my purse
4. Somewhere you sat - on the floor playing with toys
5. Logo - on my computer
6. Writing - missed my pic for this day :(
7. 8 o'clock - the boys & the babies
8. Glasses - waiting in the car at the music store
9. Messy - the coffee table
10. Ring - mini chocolate cake on a ring!
11. Purple - flowers
12. Spoon - missed the pic for this day too
13. Simple - Paige sleeping
14. Arrow - button on my kindle
15. Ready - painted my toes & they are ready for open toe shoes

16. Food - a sneaky treat after Paige went to sleep for the night
17. Faces - the many faces of Paige
18. Inside - inside the pizza box
19. Hole - missed todays pic
20. Today - Paige is 7 weeks old today
21. Cool - camembert cheese
22. Home - missed
23. Pair - missed
24. Path - in the gym on the path to fitness & well being
25. Fresh - flower I picked
26. Dream - the seagull is dreaming if he thinks he's getting any of my food
27. Tap - keep tapping the dummy
28. Clock - the clock given to Paige by her auntie & uncle
29. Down - rain is pouring down
30. Card - fathers day card

Seen as I missed a couple of pics for the month I have included some of pics taken on fathers day last weekend, the first is of Brad & Paige sleeping and the second is the gorgeous view from my in-laws place taken just as the sun was setting.

I am continuing to do the photo a day challenge for September, I am addicted and just love trying to think outside the box for my photo to take each day :)

Have you given the photo a day challenge a crack?  

Donna xx