Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My birthday

On Friday it was my birthday and I turned... (gulp)... 29!  I had a fantastic day on my first birthday as a Mama & was lucky that Brad had the day off work so we spent the whole day together as a little family!

We got up & I opened the presents that Brad & Paige got for me...

My birthday pressies from Brad

Brad is such an awesome gift giver, he always puts so much thought into it & I love every thing he chose for me!  I got spoilt rotten!  

I got so spoilt!!

We went out for lunch and I had Pumpkin & Zucchini fritters, they were amazing!  Although I'm not a vegetarian I do love trying vegetarian meals when I go out.  Also had a soy chai latte after lunch, I have been loving these at the moment!

Pumpkin & zucchini fritters

In the late afternoon we packed our car and headed to my parents house, they live an hour away so we decided to stay the night up there so we didn't have to drive home late at night.

My brother & his girlfriend came over for dinner & then after dinner our extended family came over for birthday drinks... we had around 20 people there all up!  I love getting all the family together, it's so great to catch up with everyone.

Enjoying a glass of red wine

We had 2 birthday cakes, one for me & one for my brother as he was overseas for 6 weeks and was away for his birthday. 

My brother & I with our cakes

Keeping with our family tradition, we ate the cake on the floor in the kitchen.  Also keeping with another "tradition" of doing the inconspicuous finger for the photo!  I think this started around the time of Chris Lilley's show We Can Be Heroes.

Kitchen cake with all the cousins

Brad & I (& Jessie's fingers!)

The next morning we got up around 10am, we all had a lovely sleep in & Paige did so well at her first night sleeping away from home.  Walked down to the kitchen to find Mum had set up a breakfast station of fresh fruit, juice, coffee & pancakes, yummo!  After we finished this Dad went outside to the BBQ and we then had bacon & egg rolls.  Needless to say we were all so full after this big breakfast!

Mum's breakfast station part 1

We headed home around 3pm & had a lazy afternoon on the couch.  I had such a wonderful birthday & loved seeing all my family again, we are all so busy that it can be hard to get everyone all together in one place at one time.

I love birthday's and all the fun that comes along with it!

Have you celebrated a birthday recently?  Do you have any strange family traditions?

D xx