Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Proposal

Today marks the three year anniversary of our engagement, so I thought what better time to share the proposal story with you all!!
Brad & I just after he proposed
Brad and I had been dating for almost 2 years when we were out at the shops one day having lunch, Brad turned to me and said "should we go look at rings?".  I was SO excited!!

Now before you go thinking thats how I was proposed to, read on...

So we went ring shopping and I had picked out the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen.  Because I have such small fingers the ring had to be sent off for resizing and we were told that would take several weeks.  In the meantime I had put it at the back of my mind, thinking that I would be well aware of when I was actually getting proposed to.  In my mind I figured we would get the call when the ring was ready, we would go pick it up & go out for dinner to celebrate & I would get my little beauty to wear :)

But this was not to be....

It was Saturday the 1st of August 2009 and we had organised to go out to dinner with our good friends Kath & Lee.  We went to their house first for a few drinks where Kath & I had several wines. Then we all piled into Lee's car and drove to Stirling in the Adelaide Hills.  We walked in to The Stirling, the local pub, and ordered drinks at the front bar while Lee went to find out where the table was he had booked, he came back and told us that they stuffed up the bookings and that there was no room for us to have dinner there, how annoying!!  So Lee suggested we go down the street as there was a cute little cafe he had heard of that was quite nice and maybe they could squeeze us in for dinner.

As we walked down the street and approached the cafe, it seemed familiar to me.  I said to the guys "I think this is the cafe where Brad & I had our first date", turns out it was.  We walked in to Cafe Tranquilo & it seemed there were no free tables, every one was filled with seated people.  Brad said "let's go sit down there" and motioned to a table that was full with people, with 4 spare seats at the end.  We can't sit there I thought, there are other people dining at that table!!  However, as we approached the table I noticed familiar faces looking back at me - my parents, my brother & his girlfriend, Brad's parents, his sister & her now husband.  "What is going on?!" I thought to myself, and because I had already had several drinks, I was very confused!!  I had called Mum the day before and she told me her & Dad were going away for the weekend, and my brother told me he was going out for dinner with one of his good friends.  So what were they all doing here?!

We sat down, the menu's were handed out and I kept chatting.  Then someone asked me what I wanted to order, I opened my menu up and looked down to see what choices I had, when I noticed something had been placed inside my menu!  It was a piece of laminated card with the following written on it;

"Almost two years ago in this very room
I sat down to have dinner with a girl I barely knew
It was no surprise and no mistake
But one clear and easy choice to make
For in this room began a love that grew
So I'm back here to ask...
Donna, May I marry you?"

I could not believe my eyes!!  I had tears gushing down my face and when I looked up from the poem, Brad was beside me on one knee, holding the ring and asking me to marry him!! 
"Will you marry me?"
Of course I said "YES!!" and as he placed the ring on my finger the whole cafe erupted with applause!  I was so so happy!

The cheeky boy had spent so long coming up with this proposal plan to surprise me - he called my parents and brother to tell them to tell me they were busy that night, organised with Kath & Lee to make a pretend booking at The Stirling, picked up the ring and gave it to his Mum to take to the cafe so it was there ready, written and printed out the most amazing proposal poem, printing it in all different sizes to make sure it would fit in the menu without sticking out the side, then taking the poem to the cafe and organising with them who I was so that I got handed the right menu with the poem inside, and the list goes on!

I was so wonderfully surprised and I honestly had no idea I was getting proposed to that night!  

We are engaged!!
My gorgeous ring!!
My Mum, Me & Brad's Mum

It was such a special night, made all the more special by having our family & friends there.  From there we all had an awesome dinner filled with lots of wine and laughs, followed by delicious desserts and coffee.

You could not wipe the smile off my face for weeks!!

D xx