Saturday, 4 August 2012

Baby essentials - Month One

Paige is one month old already!  And what a truly wonderful month it has been.  Paige has brought so much joy, love & happiness to our lives :)

I have previously blogged My Top 5 Maternity Products, so I thought I would start a monthly post about the essential items for both myself & Paige for each month of the first year of motherhood.

Baby essentials - Month One
1. The Woombie
2. VATE table lamp - Ikea
3. Onesies
4. Rocker
5. Mittens

  1. The woombie - Babies love to be swaddled, it can remind them of being in the womb, giving them a feeling of comfort and warmth when they are tightly wrapped up.  Swaddling also prevents the startle reflex which can wake a sleeping baby.  Swaddling can be tricky to learn, and having a woombie makes it so much easier!  No more wrapping bubs in the middle of the night when you're half asleep, with the woombie all you have to do is put bubs in and zip it up.  Paige loves her woombie and sleeps so soundly with it on.  We also don't have to worry about wraps coming undone in her sleep and potentially covering her face.
  2. VATE table lamp from Ikea - this soft lighting lamp in the nursery is ideal for middle of the night feeds when you want to keep the light low to keep bubs sleepy.  And at $6.95 it's an absolute bargain!
  3. Onesie body suits - and lots of them!  All it takes is one explosive nappy change or a bit of spit up and an outfit change is required.  
  4. Rocker/bouncer - this was a gift from Brad's grandparents and has been so handy! We use it daily whenever we need our hands free to do something or when Paige has drifted off to sleep and we want to put her down.  It also has the added bonus of little teddies hanging above so that when Paige is awake she has something to look at.
  5. Mittens - newborn nails are so sharp and with their flailing arms it is so easy for them to scratch their little faces.  Mittens are a must to avoid scratches and also keeps little fingers warm in this wintery weather.

Mama essentials - Month One
1. New dressing gown & pj's
2. Bonds maternity singlet
4. Tinted moisturiser
5. Concealer
6. Jarrah's "french liaison" coffee
  1. New pj's - my parents bought me a Peter Alexander dressing gown & pj pants and bought it to the hospital when Paige was born.  It's been so nice having something new to wear and when I'm home all day in my pj's I don't feel so daggy!
  2. Bonds maternity singlet - I wear this to bed with my pj pants & it is just so handy for middle of the night feeds
  3. A wonderful support network - I have been so lucky to have my husband off for a whole month after the birth of Paige, it has made things so much easier as we adjust to having a newborn & he is so helpful!  We also have amazing family & friends who we can call upon at any time, I am so grateful for that.
  4. Tinted moisturiser - for when guests pop in and you don't have time to put on a full face of make up.  I have been loving Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Tinted Moisturiser
  5. Concealer -  a must have beauty item to hide those dark circles!!  I have been using Lancome Long-Lasting Softening Concealer
  6. A nice hot drink - I have been enjoying raspberry leaf tea & Jarrah "French Liaison" coffee.  It is so nice to find a spare moment and sit down with a nice warm cuppa.
And so it is these 11 items that have seen me through the first month of motherhood!!

What are your mama & baby essential items?  And for you lovely ladies without children, what are your daily essential items that you can't live without?  Would love to hear from you!

Have a fabulous day!!

D xx