Wednesday, 15 August 2012

5 Instagram users you should check out

I am addicted to the app Instagram at the moment!  There's something about it that just draws me in, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I love how by looking at a simple photo that someone has posted you can find out so many different things.  It's like taking a little peek into their lives!

And with smart phones these days it is just too easy to snap a quick pic & upload it for everyone to see.  

So here is my list of instagram users that I have been loving and that you should check out; 
  1. Fat Mum Slim (@fatmumslim) - where the photo a day challenges originate.  You get to see Chantelle's take on the challenge as well as picking up some awesome photography tips.  She is very creative with her pics which I love.  Chantelle also shares beautiful & inspirational pics of landscapes, quotes & all things fun.
  2. Andrea from Fox In Flats (@foxinflats) - A mummy blogger and the creator of the style dares, here you get to see "tips, ideas & inspiration to navigate motherhood in style" as well as other people's take on the style dares that Andrea creates.  You don't have to be a Mum to get loads of ideas from this blogger!
  3. ShopMeChic (@shopmechic) - Melinda & Sonia "bring you fashion, beauty & lifestyle together in one chic little place".  These girls run a wonderful website as well where they share loads of fashion ideas featuring many items, the best thing is that everything they feature can be purchased online.  This is perfect for me having a newborn, I can shop for all these things without ever leaving the couch!
  4. Melody Brandon (@melodybrandon) - a Mum from the US that owns & runs her own dessert studio, she shares pictures of amazing cake & sweet creations as well as pics of her gorgeous daughter in cute little clothes & headbands!
  5. Suzanne L. Vinson (@slsvinson) - a recent discovery of mine, Suzanne creates her own wisdom cards that she shares daily which are so encouraging & motivating.
Are you on instagram?  Come & follow me!  My username is: donnajayne22. Do you have any suggestions of users that I should check out?  

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Donna xx