Monday, 23 July 2012

Photo a Day June

For the month of June I continued to take part in the photo a day challenge as set by Fat Mum Slim.  I've been a bit slow getting this post up as I'm kept very busy with bubs!!  Here are my pics;

1. Morning - tea & my desk at work
2. Empty - Brad's empty glass
3. On your plate - soup made by Mum
4. Close-up - raspberry mocktail
5. Sign - baby on board sign received as a gift
6. Hat - strawberry baby beanie!
7. Drink - raspberry leaf tea
8. Six o'clock - getting ready to go out for dinner
9. Your view today - a day out at the movies with my mother-in-law
10. Best bit of your weekend - having enough energy to go for a walk!
11. Door - the fridge door
12. From a low angle - Jordie in front of the heater
13. Art - coffee art
14. Time - gym time
15. Yellow - baby shopping with Mum

16. Out and about - our trip out to the shops
17. In your bag - #1 packing baby's hospital bag, #2 the contents of my handbag
18. Something we don't know about you - I love watching Bold & the Beautiful
19. Imperfect - my make shift coffee table
20. Fave photo you've ever taken - on the beach in Thailand
21. Where you slept - with my wheat bag & lots of pillows to prop the belly up
22. From a high angle - had a day out shopping with Mum
23. Movement - enjoying the last days of feeling kicks
24. On your mind - bubs arrival & craving something sweet, like baby's "0" cake
25. Something cute - my new teapot
26. Where you shop - in the confectionary aisle before my movie date
27. Bathroom - the bath mat
28. On the shelf - our fireplace mantel
29. Soft - the pasta at Dad's birthday dinner
30. A friend - missed this photo!!

Have you taken part in FatMumSlim's photo a day challenge?  The photo a day August challenge is just around the corner, why not give it a go?  I will be getting back on board for the August challenge and can't wait!

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Source: Pinterest
I love how the photo a day challenge has inspired me to look at everyday life differently, I am constantly thinking about the next pic for the day and how I can take a different view on things.  Life really is beautiful and when you stop and really focus on it I have come to realise there is so much beauty in every day things that used to normally pass me by.  

Have a fabulous day everyone!!

Donna xx