Friday, 1 June 2012

Photo a Day May - Part 2

For the month of May I decided to take on the photo a day challenge I had heard and seen so much of.   
And it was so much fun!

For the first half of my Photo A Day May photo's see here

And now for Part 2 of the challenge...

17. snack - snack wraps at the food court
18. something you made - zucchini soup
19. a favourite place - Mum & Dad's backyard, there's no place like home :)
20. something you can't live without - my diary, with so many appointments to keep track of I would be lost without this
21. where you stand - in the kitchen making a cup of tea
22. pink - my Peter Alexander slippers
23. technology - my laptop
24. something new - my leopard loafers
25. unusual - this little dude I bought in Fiji whilst over there for my Uncle's wedding
26. 12 o'clock - pulling into Mum & Dad's driveway (followed by the big cook up for my baby shower)
27. something sweet - the treats at my baby shower!
28. the weather today - sunset on my drive home from work
29. a number - Baby G's due date
30. your personality - fun! (on our honeymoon in Thailand)
31. something beautiful - clay statue made by my mother-in-law, pregnant me held by Brad (complete with tatts!) and it says "we love you already".  So precious!!

I had so much fun doing this challenge, and I have decided to partake in the June challenge too.  Have you taken on the photo a day challenge??  The new month starts today so go for it!!  The June photo a day challenge list can be found here.

Don't forget to upload your pics to Instagram so I can check them out, my user name is donnajayne22 - come find me!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Donna xx

PS - Blog post on my wonderful baby shower will be coming up shortly!