Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My baby shower details

My baby shower was held on Sunday 27th May, with me being exactly 8 months pregnant!  It was held at my parents house and my Mum and bestie Sarah put in so much effort which I am so grateful for.  I had around 25 guests and we all just fit into my parents dining room!

Here's some pics as well as the details about the day;

The invites were made by our good friend Lee - who is now officially our baby's godfather!  I picked a few invites I liked the look of on Pinterest and Lee whipped this up for me from scratch.  I am SO happy with how they turned out and I received so many comments on them too!
Invites by Lee at Topiq Media

I knew I wanted all the decorations to be very girly.  Sarah's Mum has been collecting tea cups and saucers for years and was kind enough to let me borrow them.

I wanted to hand make the gifts for my guests and I wanted it to be something that they would use, so I decided to make wheat bags!  Being so up and down with my tiredness levels I knew it would be a big task so I started early and spread the making of them over a few weeks.  I cut them all up one week, sewed them another week, and filled them the next week.  They looked so great laid out on the tables and everyone commented on them!

The table setting

some of Sarah's Mum's gorgeous tea cups

The table all ready to go!  I made the table runner out of fabric from Spotlight, 
and actually only cut it to size on the morning of the shower!

Flowers were out of Eve's garden (my mother-in-law) 
and she did all the flower arranging herself.

The pom poms I made myself out of tissue paper, and was taught how to make 
them by Sarah when we made a whole heap for my bridal shower last year.

Heart bunting was made for my bridal shower and I was 
so lucky that it had been kept so we could use it again.

The wheat bags all finished up

My Mum and I love cooking and baking and I knew I wanted all the food to be homemade.  Mum suggested a couple of times that we buy pre made cocktail food but I just wouldn't have it!  So Mum and I cooked and baked all day the Saturday before the baby shower, I was a walking zombie and could barely keep my eyes open but it was well worth the effort.  I sometimes forget how pregnant I am and try to do everything I used to before!

The savoury food items;
  • sundried tomato & capsicum dip (made by Mum in the Thermomix)
  • sandwiches (ham & salad, cucumber)
  • quiches (ham & leek, tomato & spinach)
  • sausage rolls
  • meat pies
  • curry triangles

The sweet food items;
  • butterfly cupcakes (with jam & cream)
  • macarons - vanilla shells with raspberry filling (made by Sarah & myself the night before the baby shower)
  • raspberry melting moments
  • peanut butter & jelly slice
  • raspberry friands
  • white chocolate mud cakes
  • dark chocolate mud cakes
The sweets table

Delicious vanilla & raspberry macarons

We also had lollies on the tables in these gorgeous jars which I found at Kmart for the bargain price of $10 for 6!!
Lollies in sundae jars from Kmart

We played a few games which was sort of decided at the last minute!
  • string game - a ball of string got passed around and everyone had to measure and cut the string at how big they thought my belly was.  I then had to go around and put everyone's string around my belly at the biggest point and whoever got the closest won.  My cousin Melanie got it spot on!  
  • funny baby names - lists were handed around and guests had to write down funny/weird/odd baby names starting with each letter of the alphabet.  We then passed the sheets around and got each person to read out the funniest name on their list and my parents then picked the winner out of the short list.
  • guess the baby photo - I asked each guest to bring along a baby photo and everyone had to guess which photo belonged to which guest
  • guess the jelly beans - not really a baby game but it was still a hit and my Auntie Cheryl won this, she guess 253 jelly beans and there were 252 in the jar!!
I made up a few different prizes and each winner picked which one they liked.  I loved making these prizes!
Guess the baby photo!

Baby shower prizes - candle holders, make up bag, ice cream bowls

All my amazingly wonderful family & friends xox

I had such an incredible day and am so blessed to have so many gorgeous ladies to share the day with.  I received so many cute gifts and am completely overwhelmed by everyone's generosity!  One gift was incredibly special - a quilt hand made by my lovely group of girlfriends, with each one sewing a square.  More info on this to come!

We hired a professional photographer for the day and I will be putting up a post real soon showing some of these pics :)  

D xx