Sunday, 20 May 2012

Photo a Day May - Part 1

As an Instagram lover I soon stumbled across something called the "Photo a Day challenge"

It was created by Fat Mum Slim, with the idea behind it being that you use your camera or phone to take a photo each day using the list as inspiration.  The words are designed to be broad and open to interpretation so you can get creative.  There are no rules so you can do what you like!

Last month over 1,000,000 photo's were shared on Instagram alone!  You can also share your pics on Pinterest, facebook, twitter, tumblr, flickr and blogs.

So here is the first half of my pics for Photo a Day May...

  1. (missed this day!!)
  2. skyline - on the drive home from work
  3. something you wore today (actually wore this on the 2nd for Mum's day dinner)
  4. fun - monkey in Thailand
  5. bird - wooden bird decoration for the nursery
  6. you - me at 32 weeks pregnant
  7. someone that inspires you - people that inspire me hubby, Mum, lil bro & my bestie Sarah
  8. a smell you adore - my wedding perfume
  9. something you do every day - rub bio oil on the belly!
  10. a favourite word - family 
  11. kitchen - mum's kitchen & my fave place to cook 
  12. something that makes you happy - necklace given to me from my wonderful bestie
  13. mum - my Mum & mother in law at mothers day dinner
  14. grass - the perfect grass at my parents house on our wedding day
  15. love - at the entrance of our house
  16. what you're reading - birth skills in preparation for the big day