Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Let's write... How do you start your day?

Ohh YAY!  Another post from the "Let's Write" series by Mumma in Heels

This week's post is all about how you start your day.

An average weekday morning for me starts like this...

My alarm goes off anywhere between 7am and 8am depending on how I'm feeling the night before when I set it, I sleep in late I know but I am making the most of it every morning I can until baby arrives!!

I grab my phone and...

  • check my emails;
  • go to the BrandsExclusive app to see what's on sale for the day!  I've bought a few things from there so far and always get a bargain;
  • check out Instagram to see what wonderful images will start my day;
  • have a quick look on Facebook; and
  • check the Weather.
Then I hop out of bed (more like rolling out these days!), have a shower, get dressed, moisturise the belly & pop my make up on.

Next is breakfast, at the moment I'm having 6 vita wheats with soy milk, it keeps me nice and full until lunch time so I don't have the urge to have a naughty snack!  I also make some lunch, lately this is as easy as pulling some homemade soup out of the freezer and some rye bread.

Lastly I usually realise I'm running late - rush around and clean my teeth, put my jewelry on, say "see ya" to Brad if he's home or put the dogs outside if he's not and  hop into the car for my 5 min drive to work.  (This is a novelty I am still loving as I used to drive 45mins-1hr to work each way every day!)

So how do you start your day??

D xx