Friday, 18 May 2012

Let's write... what do you love about winter?

I came across a fabulous post over at Mumma In Heels and decided to hop on board!

Melinda (the blogger) writes the following;

"A few weeks ago I used a ‘journaling prompt’ that I found on Pinterest. It was a fun little blog post to do and a great way to get to know more about the writer behind a blog. I found a few other bloggers who did their own ‘Currently‘ post and I loved reading them.
Which led me to a little idea… called Let’s Write.
Every week (I’ll aim for Monday) I will blog a little image with the Let’s Write topic. If you want to join in, all you have to do is write your own post, comment below with the blog link and I’ll add it to my post too (And please, I am begging you dolls – someone please join in!).
I thought I would start with something easy this week (some weeks they may be a little harder – think of it as a challenge!).
This week we are writing… “What do you love about Winter?” Hate Winter? No problem – you can join in with a “What I hate about Winter” post instead! Happy Writing."

So here I am!  Here is what I love about Winter...
  • homemade veggie soups
  • trackies & hoodies
  • green tea
  • my Emu ugg boots
  • curling up on the couch with Hubby & the dogs
  • open fire places
  • staying in on a cold night
  • boots - sometimes with 2 pairs of socks underneath to keep my toes really toasty!
  • wheat bags
  • scarves - especially bright coloured ones to liven up a dreary day
  • being inside when there is a thunder storm on
  • soy lattes

What do you like about winter?  Head on over to Mumma In Heels blog and join in with "Let's Write".

And have a fabulous day!

D xx