Thursday, 3 May 2012

I am currently...

Taking inspiration from a couple of blogs Sand Castles & Paper Crowns and She's Sonic, here is a list (and a couple of pics) of things that I am currently doing.
I am currently...
  1. Eating - vanilla custard cream biscuits I baked on the weekend
  2. Smelling  - my new Dusk Candle "Tibet" lychee & black tea, delicious!
  3. Thinking - of new ideas for my blog posts, and brainstorming on a new blog name
  4. Wanting - a new hair style, am heading to the hairdresser tomorrow so we'll see what I come out with!
  5. Feeling - lots of kicks from lil bubs
  6. Latest addiction - Instagram, (follow me! My user name is donnajayne22) I spend more time on Instagram these days than Facebook!
  7. Wearing - Brad's Peter Alexander PJ pants (mine are starting to get too small!), hoodie and slipppers
  8. Waiting for -  this weekend to wear my new Asos dress
  9. Looking forward to - my wonderful school friend Leah's wedding 
  10. Grateful for - the little being growing inside of me and being able to feel her move around all the time!

What are you "currently" doing?

Donna xx

PS ~ Yay it's almost Friday!!  Hehe