Monday, 30 April 2012

It's a... girl!!


Now that we have told pretty much all of our family and friends, I can now put it out there to you all on the world wide web!!

Both Brad and I are delighted that we are having a little baby girl, I always had a very strong feeling that this lil bub was a girl and Brad had always imagined his first child to be a girl too. Isn't it funny the gut feelings we have, how strong they can be and when they turn out to be right!!

(just a side note - the above pic of me was back in February when we first found out bubs was a girl, my belly has grown in leaps & bounds since then!)

We are so lucky to have already been given so many amazing and cute little gifts for our daughter, here are some of our favourites;

Bonds onesie 
Mum & Dad bought us this as the first onesie for the little munchkin, it might end up being her very first outfit!

Mooo cow bib
I love how this is almost a "full body" bib, it has armholes & everything!  Will be great at keeping bubs clean while she makes a mess eating (if she is anything like me she will be a messy eater!)

Outfits from Nanna & Pa
The pink furry jacket with ears on the hood is my fave ~ I am obsessed with ears on baby clothes, it just makes me melt and I find it so damn adorable!  My wonderful Nanna & Pa got these adorable outfits for us

Little shoe/socks
These are just the cutest thing you ever did see!  A very thoughtful gift from my bestie Sarah.  They are so tiny and will fit newborn bubs perfectly, I can't wait to see them on her little feet. 

I have found it hard going out shopping as I just want to buy every cute little thing I see!  I have ordered a few things from BrandsExclusive, including Bonds pink corduroy overalls which I can't wait to show you all when they arrive.

Happy Weekend!!

Donna x