Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter long weekend

A delayed post about my long weekend as we have had a very hectic week, so glad it's over now & things are slowly returning back to normal :)

I had such a great Easter weekend, I love long weekends and having an extra day or two is just bliss!

Thursday night
Had a quiet night in, we cooked chicken for dinner and it set the smoke alarm off, even though it was nowhere near burning - our smoke alarms are way too sensitive.  We got a bit annoyed after the third time it went off so it ended up like this on our floor!!
Bon voyage smoke alarm

Went to the Blu C Cafe at Christies Beach for lunch, I had the best salt & pepper squid!

Brad went to work and the dogs and I had a lazy night on the couch, Billy has become such a sook lately and was curled up on my lap around the baby bump!

Billy & the bump

Spotlight had a huge sale on so we headed down there to pick up some fabric for some treats I am making for the guests at my baby shower.
Waiting in line at Spotlight

Mum & Dad were at our local beach as my Dad & brother wanted to go for a surf, I met up with them & we had fish & chips for lunch in the sun.  Followed by taking the dogs for a walk to tire them out.

Went to our good friends house for dinner & to watch the footy.  They have just come back from an overseas trip & gave us so many gorgeous gifts for bubs!
Some of the incredibly cute gifts from Kath & Lee

Easter breakky & relaxing on the couch whilst Brad played x-box

Easter treats

Made some bunny ears out of cardboard to use as a prop for our weekly baby bump photo, just for something different!
Easter bunny ears



Could not be bothered cooking so we ordered pizza & watched a DVD on the couch
Easter Feast

Found an Easter mug at the back of the cupboard

28 weeks


Had a lovely sleep in, got up & took the dogs for a nice long walk.  Then I spent the afternoon shopping & snapped up some absolute bargains - check it out here! 

Hope you all had an incredible Easter long weekend!! 

Donna x