Monday, 16 April 2012

Arm party dare

One of the blogs I follow Fox In Flats has "style dares" frequently.  They dare you to wear a certain style/item/fashion for a whole week.

The purpose of the dare's is to mix up your usual day-to-day routine, try something different & pull those items out of your wardrobe that don't get worn frequently.

Some of the previous dares include;

And last week was the arm party dare.  I hadn't taken on any of the dares before so I decided to give this one a try.  And it was really fun!!  I only did it over the weekend as I can't stand wearing bangles when I'm at work on the keyboard all day, it drives me crazy!

So here's my attempt at the arm party dare;

Brown & gold arm party
Black & silver arm party
Cream & gold arm party

Some of my arm parties featured in Fox in Flats instagram pics;

And while I'm here, these are some pieces that I'm coveting at the moment;
String& bead bracelets by MollyFB
Mimco Sportivo Timepeace

ASOS skinny cross bangle

Have you bought any arm candy lately?  

Donna x