Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Week 23

Some interesting facts this week;

  • blood vessels in bubs lungs are developing to prepare for breathing on the outside
  • the cochlea (inner ear mechanism) is fully formed
  • bubs can now hear what I hear, just not at the same level due to the amniotic fluid 
  • fingerprints are forming
  • baby now weighs half a kilo, yikes! 
Lil one has been moving around so much this week, mainly around 7am when I first wake up and again straight after dinner when Brad & I are sitting on the couch.  It feels so amazing to feel the movements going on inside & it makes me feel so blessed and lucky to be going through such a wonderful experience.

I had just been painting some furniture for bubs room before this picture was taken so I'm in my daggy clothes!  Stay tuned for the DIY post on my furniture makeover..

Donna x