Monday, 26 March 2012

Saint Patrick's "adventure" Day

So St Patrick's Day was over a week ago now, but I have finally gotten around to posting about our day!!

We went to Baby Bunting and picked up most of our baby gear we had on order (still waiting on a couple of things but the main things were ready to roll!)

Walking out the door to go get our nursery items

Just fit it all in the back of the X Trail

Came home and whipped up some Irish cupcakes to take to Brad's parents place, I love baking and haven't got around to doing it much lately so I loved making these cupcakes!  I can't wait to make birthday cakes for our little one :)

Good ol' KitchenAid giving me a helping hand

Me and 'the bump' decorating the cupcakes

The finished product, Shamrocks and all!

Then we headed up to Brad's parents place for dinner and my parents came along too.  Being St Patrick's Day to get in the spirit we all dressed up in Green!! We had a few pics taken out the front of the property, it was such a gorgeous day and the sun was shining.

The proud Dad's

The happy Mum's

Brad & I

Dad & I doing the traditional Foster pose

Eve decorated the cow up in it's St Patrick's Day best!

Out the back the quad bikes were waiting and just begging to be ridden!!  The Mum's headed out first and did a few laps and up and down jumps.  The the Dad's took them out, they soon discovered that riding up and down the side of the damn embankment was fun to try and accomplish, there were a few close calls that came close to the quad's ending up in the dam!!

The Mum's taking the quad bikes for a spin
The slingshot got brought out and we spent some time setting up different targets and each having a go. 

One of our slingshot targets

Me taking a shot at the target
Then it was dinner time!!

Delicious prawns!
(well they looked delicious - I am choosing not to eat them whilst pregnant)


St Pat's Day baby bump

We had a fabulous St Pat's day and it was so nice to get together with both sets of parents.  Hope you all had a great day too!!

Donna x