Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Top 5... Maternity products

I'm 25 weeks through my pregnancy (out of 40) so I'm sure these may change as time goes on and as I get bigger but at this stage my top 5 maternity products are;

1. Pumpkin patch jeans and belly band
These jeans are amazing!!  I bought them online without having seen them or tried them on and when they arrived they fit perfectly.  I got them on sale as well for $29.95, score!  The wide elastic waist band is so super comfortable and I love how they are skinny leg jeans so I can tuck them into my favourite boots when the weather gets cooler.
This little beauty was also a bargain purchase at around $8, it is basically a tube of fabric that you wear under your tops when they start to get too short.  It has also come in handy to cover the top of my pants and hide when I am wearing the belly belt (see No. 5).

2. Bio Oil & Palmers Cocoa Butter
From 12 weeks along I have been using both these products in the hope of avoiding/minimising any stretch marks.  I use Bio Oil in the morning and Palmers Cocoa Butter in the evening.  They are both reasonably priced and easy to apply, the only downside with the Bio Oil is that it can take a while to absorb into the skin so if you put your clothes on straight away they can get oil on them. (Yes I learnt that the hard way!)  I have also heard of some women using bio oil on the delicate skin area around the eye's to prevent wrinkles.

3. Bonds maternity singlet
This singlet is SO comfortable!  It was a little pricey but I found the cheapest place to buy it was Big W (think I got it for around $25, in Myer they are over $40).  It has inbuilt hidden support as well as drop cups for breast feeding when that time comes.  It is my favourite pj top to go with all my Peter Alexander bottoms.

4. Ambra stapless bra
I have read several times about not wearing an underwire when pregnant as it can affect the way the milk ducts form.  I have a few maternity bra's but I still wanted to wear my strapless tops & dresses, so I went to Myer and found the Ambra strapless bra.  It is made out of thick stocking like material and is like a bandeau but with much more support.  So now I can still wear all my favourite tops and dresses!

5. Belly belt
I don't use my belly belt as much anymore as I have "upgraded" to maternity pants, but in the early days when I had a bloated belly and my pants wouldn't do up this was so handy!  It's just a piece of elastic with buttons on it and you attach each side to the button and button hold on the top of your pants.  You just have to make sure you wear a top long enough to cover it.  I got this from Big W for around $25 I think (don't quote me on that one!)

So that's my Top 5 for now, I'll keep you updated as things change!

Donna x