Sunday, 11 March 2012

My first DIY project

After we picked out the furniture for the baby's room (see previous post on baby products) we were missing one thing... a chest of drawers!  We bought some new furniture for our bedroom a few weeks ago and this is the old chest of drawers we used to have in our room:

So there was only one thing to do, revamp and paint this old chest of drawers to match the baby furniture we have on order!  I took the pamphlet with the colour of the furniture into Bunnings so I could match it up and got the following supplies;
(Note: I already had a paint brush & tray from some previous painting I had done around the house)

Step 1: Remove all handles & screws (being the organisation freak I am I put them into snap lock bags so they weren't laying around everywhere!

Step 2: Clean surfaces to be painted and give them a light sand.  I used very fine sand paper as per the Bunning's guy recommendation. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth to get rid of any sanding residue

Step 3: Primer coat - apply a thin layer with a brush. You only need to wait 2 hours for the undercoat to dry but we had people coming over for dinner and I didn't get around to the next coat for 2 days!

There wasn't enough space in the room to paint all the drawers so I moved them to the laundry & painted them in there.

Step 4: Colour coat - apply with a brush.  You need to do the layers quite thin to get a good affect so I would definitely recommend two coats as after the first coat you can still see some of the white undercoat peeking through.  I allowed 2 hours drying time between coats.  

If you get any paint on anything you can easily clean it off with a wet cloth or wet paper towel.  And if you don't realise you have painted something you shouldn't have till the paint is dry, then you can get this off using Mineral Turpentine on a cotton pad/paper towel (and yes I learnt this the hard way!!)

Step 5: After paint is dry put the handles back on and the drawers back together.  And voila!
Here we have the updated chest of drawers which will hopefully match the rest of the baby furniture when it arrives!

Now to fill the drawers will all the teeny tiny clothes we have already :)  YAY!!!

Donna x