Saturday, 31 March 2012

Book's I'm currently reading..

I am reading way too many books at the moment!  I have a habit of starting a new book while I still have others on the go!  My main goal is to finish reading all of these books before I pick up a new one.

1. "The Lost Symbol" - Dan Brown
I started this book on our Honeymoon in February last year, I hired it from the hotel library and didn't have enough time to finish it while we were there so I ended up buying it from Phuket Airport on our way home!  I really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and this book is in the same Thriller style.  I still read bits of this book here and there but it has been put aside recently for baby books!

2. "The Sweet Poison Quit Plan" - David Gillespie
I first found out about this book from reading one of my favourite blogs Flair To Remember.  The books goes in detail about sugar, all the different types of sugar and how it affects the body - the facts are quite alarming!  It then goes through how to quit sugar, how to read food labels to identify sugar content and shows different recipes, which I am hoping to try.  I am planning on doing a separate post on this in the future so stay tuned.  I have been trialling a low to no sugar diet and so far and am feeling great!

3. "Up The Duff" - Kaz Cooke

As soon as I fell pregnant I logged online and ordered this book, I have heard many people talk about this and it is one of the most popular pregnancy books in Australia.  It goes through pregnancy week by week, telling you what to expect, the size of the baby, and changes happening in the body and mind.  It also has a pregnant woman's journal each week, and is very light hearted and quite funny.  It's refreshing to find a pregnancy book that doesn't make everything seem so serious.

4. "Birth Skills" - Juju Sundin with Sarah Murdoch
We are going to attempt a natural, drug-free birth and this book was recommended to me by my midwife, as well as other midwives we have met since becoming pregnant.  I am only part of the way through this book but the skills that are explained in it so far seem to be very natural ways of coping with pain and I am actually looking forward to the labour so I can try them out!

5. "Lunatic Soup" - Andrew Fraser
Mum lent me this book to read a few months ago, and yes I am still only partially through this one too!  It is a true story about a high profile lawyer who gets addicted to cocaine and ends up in prison with some of the worst convicted criminals in Australia.  It gives a great insight into prison life and how inmates cope from day to day when being housed with such other dreadful human's.

What books are you reading at the moment?  

Donna x