Sunday, 19 February 2012

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy first wedding anniversary to my amazing husband Brad!

One year ago today we got married on my parents property in the Adelaide Hills.  It was a truly magical day spent with wonderful friends and family.  The weather was perfect and the day went off without a hitch, but really what was there to go wrong?  I married the love of my life and my best friend and that's all that matters :)

Here's some of my fave pics from the "big day".  Note - most of these are pics taken by my brother as I haven't yet obtained digital copies of our professional pics, it's on my to-do list!

Me and my beautiful bridesmaids
L-R Jaime, Sarah, myself & Annette
Bridesmaid dresses designed & made by the wonderful ladies at The Ivory Gown

The wedding dress of my dreams

My incredible (& proud!) parents

Brad and the boys waiting anxiously for me to arrive
L-R Brad, Luke, Steve, Tristan & Lee

Absolutely adore this picture of me & Dad, he looks so happy & proud

We got married under an amazing arbor made by my Dad & Poppa

The Gilbertson's
L-R Dave, Eve, Brad, Me, Danielle & Adam

Wedding cake by Classic and Creative Cakes
-white chocolate mud cakes, yum!

Our wedding cake topper was tailor made by Brad's Mum  (have I mentioned I have an incredible mother-in-law!)
Eve spent hours and hours making little clay Brad & Donna, and even made my dress to look exactly like the real thing!  
If you look really closely you can see Brad is giving the 'thumbs up'.  Hehe I love that!

This photo might need some explaining...
L-R Brett, James, Kim, Me, Brad, Jessie, Aaron & Tegan

Ever since I can remember whenever there was a birthday in the family (aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc) we would go to the house of the birthday person to celebrate.  Us "kids" would always eat the birthday cake sitting on the kitchen floor of whichever house we were at.  This has taken place for years and even though we are now all grown up, we still all eat the cake on the kitchen floor.
So I knew on my wedding day I wanted a photo of all the cousins eating "kitchen cake".  
This photo always makes me smile :)

It's so nice to look back on our wedding photo's and reminisce about the day, it makes me so so happy.  Even though it was only one year ago, sometimes it feels like longer!  

It really is one of the best days of your life, marrying that one special person & having all the people there that mean the most to you is something so wonderful and something to cherish forever.

Donna x