Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The bump

Here is the start of some bump pics;

29.01.12 ~ 18 weeks 

12.02.12 ~ 20 weeks
*this photo had to be shown in black + white as the little onesie is a very significant boy/girl colour!!
I have bought & been given so many cute clothes since finding out the sex and I am dying to share them with you all!  Sit tight for now :)

12.02.12 ~ 20 weeks
The reason for the bare wall on the left is I am wanting to edit the photo and put text in there showing how far along & other milestones of my pregnancy.  I just haven't gotten that far yet.  If anyone can recommend a good program/app for inserting text into photo's please let me know!

This is something I created using my new favourite app for the iPhone called PicFrame.  I definitely recommend getting this app, I have had hours of fun with it!

Donna x