Saturday, 18 February 2012

Baby scans

It's only natural that my first main blog be about our little baby....

We found out we were expecting on 21 October 2011, I did a test when Brad wasn't home & the positive result showed up straight away.  I was so incredibly happy & called Brad making him rush home so I could tell him!  He came through the door and I showed him the test and we both could not stop smiling, we were hugging and I was crying!  We were so overjoyed and felt completely blessed at what we were about to experience.

Just moments after we told my parents we were having a baby!

12 week scan 16.02.11

20 week scan 08.02.12
We call this the terminator pic!
The circle on bubs eye is actually the lens of the eye, crazy stuff.

And my absolute favourite picture of bubs so far;

Look at that cute little button nose!

and that's the umbilical cord that looks like it's coming out of baby's head, just in case anyone was wondering!

We found out the sex of the baby at our 20 week scan but I can't reveal to you just yet what it is as there are still a few people that don't know yet and we want to tell them in person (this includes you Sarah!).

Bubs is totally healthy and everything is going along amazingly.  I haven't suffered from any morning sickness and up until 2 days ago I had been feeling great!  I have a rotten cold at the moment but it is slowly easing and I can't wait for it to leave!

Stay tuned for bump pics!

Donna x