Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baby products

Last weekend we ventured out to our first baby store to check out all the different goodies available and we walked out having most of the main things sorted!! We went to Baby Bunting on South Road and I would highly recommend going there, the ladies there were so helpful and their product knowledge was amazing.  

So here's a list of the things we bought for when our little muchkin arrives;

1. Pram
"Baby Jogger City Select"

This is the bassinet attachment that we will use when bubs is first born, the regular pram seat just clips out and then you clip the bassinet on, as shown below.

One of the main selling points of this pram for me is the huge storage compartment underneath, it will easy fit the baby bag and a few other essentials.

Another massive selling point is that this pram can be converted into a double pram if we ever need to down the track.  Just look at all those different seat combinations!

2. Car Seat
"Safe-n-Sound Meridian"

As we are getting a pram with a bassinet attachment we don't have a need for a baby capsule for the car, so we decided on the Meridain car seat by Safe-n-Sound.  This car seat can take bubs from birth to 4 years old.  It just looks and feels so comfy and cosy! 

3. Cot & change table
"Tasman Siena Cot & Turin Change Table"

We've been a bit hooked on dark brown furniture for a while now so we decided on the same colour for the furniture in the baby's room.  I like the Tasman range as it's nice and basic whilst still looking modern.  We also got a "tidy drawer" that is attached underneath the cot which I think I will mainly use for spare linen, towels etc.

The height of the base of the cot can be adjusted, so we can have it higher when the baby is newborn (so we don't have to bend down so much to put the baby in the cot) and then lower the height of the base and the mattress as the baby grows.

It can also be converted to a day bed as shown, or a toddler bed by taking both sides off.

This is the matching change table, and we got a little mattress that sits on top :)  I like this change table as it has 2 shelves, alot of the other change tables we looked at only had one shelf.

4. Baby monitor
"Angelcare AC1100"

We always knew we wanted a really good baby monitor if we are to have any chance of sleeping in the early days!  The Angelcare monitor has a sensor pad that is placed underneath the mattress and it detects movement - if the baby has not moved/breathed in 20 seconds an alarm will sound.  We just loved the idea of this, it will give us extra piece of mind in those crucial early days.

The video monitor also has infrared vision so we can keep an eye on the little one when it's asleep.  And the sound monitor is two-way and can be used like a walkie-talkie so we can calm the baby with our voices.

5. Portacot
"Babylove Mascot"

Friends of ours have a portacot and they bring it around when they come over for dinner with their son, they just set it up in our spare room and put him down to sleep when he's ready.  I knew this was one baby item I would definitely want. We want bubs to become a part of our lives, and I know how handy this portacot will be, it will make it so easy for us to go to our parents or friends place and know we have somewhere safe & secure to put the little one down when we are out of an evening.

The Mascot portacot also comes with a removable change table that clips on the top (as seen in picture) which I'm sure will also come in very handy!

The extras;

Baby blanket

When the lady in Baby Bunting showed me this blanket I was in love!  It is so incredibly soft and will be perfect for new baby skin :)  It is made out of bamboo fibres and will be so comfortable for the little one.  At $69.95 I did second guess buying this, but we decided that this will be the main blanket for bubs and I will get cheaper ones to use when Little Bamboo is dirty.

Cushion & nappy "stacker"

Brad saw this cute cushion in the shop and wanted it straight away! How cute is the little tooth poking out the bottom lip :)

We also got the matching Monster nappy stacker to hang off the side of the change table. It's so cute!

Now we just have to clean the spare room out so we can set all these wonderful things up!!  I can't wait!

Donna x